Will the Left’s Historic Hatred for Trump Actually Get Him Reelected? 

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Former U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally with supporters, in Davenport, Iowa, U.S. March 13, 2023. Jonathan Ernst | Reuters

Just when you think there is nothing more the Left can do to disgrace themselves and our country, they prove us wrong. Now, in a historic move, the Left is pushing our once-free country even further toward a Police State.

They couldn’t destroy him with one impeachment. So they tried again, in spite of their claims having been proven false. 

Because the truth doesn’t matter to them.

And justice is arbitrary.

Now, with nothing but one epic fail after another on the charts for their Party, as we head into another election season, the Left has no hope for victory other than by taking out its perceived primary opponent- Donald J Trump.

My how far we have fallen. 

Pull your vagina hats back out, Lefties- Tuesday is your day to wrap your lunacy about you and march with deranged pride as your Party declares war. You’ll undoubtedly dance for some time- but what happens when the music stops remains to be seen.

Will the man the Left hates more than the Romans hated Jesus die on the cross? Or will he be redeemed and restored as President of the United States?

If you ask Elon Musk- another favorite of the Left- he’ll tell you this will result in a “Landslide victory” for Trump in 2024. 

And that could well be.

At least, if there is even a drop of justice to be seen on this earth, it will. Because even those who may have been ready to “move on” from Trump, having grown weary of the drama he triggers, will likely now double down on seeing him reelected. There is only so far you can push a nation before it pushes back. 

That line has already been crossed. But if Trump is actually arrested on Tuesday, that line will be obliterated, and the divide in this country may officially become irreparable.

It is exactly what our enemies- both foreign and domestic- have been working so hard to achieve. 

Why is Alvin Bragg, the New York DA who, in 2022, reduced 52% of all felony charges to a misdemeanor, thus handing the keys to the city to felons, now elevating a misdemeanor charge the Feds refused to prosecute, to a felony? 

Why is the sitting President and his family not only still in power, but free of prosecution in spite of concrete evidence of crimes? Why does the Left continue to invent crimes for one president and conceal them for another? 

Why is all of America not outraged, as opposed to only those who genuinely believe in our Constitutional Republic? 

The Left is poised to make a martyr of Donald J Trump.

God help us all.

Barb Allen is a speaker, award-winning author, Gold Star Wife, and co-founder of the Great American Syndicate. Follow Barbara Allen on Instagram at @barballenspeaks

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