Why People Are So Upset About Damar Hamlin

damar hamlin

It’s hard to say whether the immediate explosion of emotion about NFL Player Damar Hamlin reflects sincere human empathy and concern, paranoia, denial, or media and political exploitation. Maybe all of the above. Or maybe none.

Once upon a time, it felt like it would be just as unusual to see a young, healthy athlete drop from cardiac arrest as it would be to see Nancy Pelosi doing something genuinely good for her country. Or at least, the public speculation would leap to the conclusion that the athlete must be taking drugs. 

Now, however, young healthy people are dropping dead so often the CDC had to create a name and attempt to normalize this phenomenon by dismissing it as “ Sudden Adult Death Syndrome,” perhaps hoping we’d all accept that this is just a thing now.

It’s hardly surprising anymore that much of America has, in fact, appeared to readily do so. Just like they believe anything the media or the government tells them to.

So they’ll probably be quick to cling to the way Damar Hamlin’s life-threatening cardiac arrest is being presented as just another standard medical crisis these athletes tend to suffer.

They’ll find comfort in hearing how a baseball player similarly collapsed decades ago, or other obscure and unrelated pre-vax examples of sudden death or medical crises. Because no way will their brains allow them to question the alarming coincidence of sudden deaths and heart conditions after a certain experimental salvation was sold to them. 

The other half of the country will immediately pounce on the young man’s tragic collapse as further evidence that we have, in fact, been experimented on. Damar will be added to that rising list of statistics, and another conspiracy theory will be further moved toward fact.

Because no way, this half of the country believes, is Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest just another football injury, or just another coincidence.

Many of the people talking or posting about this will genuinely feel concern for Damar and his family, like one human being ought to feel for another. But with outraged people already pissed that people care at all about an athlete, while they apparently don’t care about (insert your cause here… dead soldiers, dead cops, dead babies, global warming, etc), and with media spins already on full blast, humanity feels hard to believe in here. 

In fact, it feels like the more people point out how much they care about Damar Hamlin, while then inserting their opinion on his cardiac arrest, the less they actually do care. Or maybe it means they care so much, they want to be sure they express it.

It’s hard to tell anymore, isn’t it?

So it is with full awareness of how this may be received, that we wish Damar Hamlin a full and rapid recovery. We pray that God’s grace wraps itself around him and his family, whatever the true cause of his condition be. 

Barb Allen is a speaker, award-winning author, Gold Star Wife, and co-founder of the Great American Syndicate. Follow Barbara Allen on Instagram at @barballenspeaks

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