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black rifle goes public

On February 10th, the veteran owners of Black Rifle Coffee rang the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange to celebrate becoming a publicly-traded company. Black Rifle Coffee entered the market hot, seeing a 30% jump in their first day of trading. 

Black Rifle went public through a merger with the special purpose acquisition company SilverBox Capital. This new merger not only rocketed Black Rifle onto the NYSE, but will give the veteran company plenty of funds to expand. 

The merger deal with SilverBox Capital gives Black Rifle $150 million to fund their strategy to hire 10,000 veterans and double their stores across the country. Black Rifle expects its revenues to increase by 41% to $311 million in 2022 and up to $430 million by 2023. 

Black Rifle Coffee is trading under the ticker BRCC and continues to make tremendous gains. BRCC closed at $15.64 on February 10th and now sits at approximately $16.50. 

You have probably heard of Black Rifle Coffee before if you listen to Joe Rogan’s podcast. Black Rifle Coffee was one of the earliest advertisers on the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE). During various episodes, Rogan tells guests that Black Rifle is his personal favorite premium coffee brand. 

Rogan is currently in hot water as leftists call for his podcast to be removed from Spotify for spreading “COVID misinformation.”

Black Rifle Coffee has refused to withdraw its advertising from the JRE despite the censorship campaign forwarded by liberal elites and the Biden administration.

In fact, Black Rifle CEO Evan Hafer has vowed to double their budget for advertising on the JRE. The Black Rifle CEO and former Green Beret had the following to say

Joe is a great friend of mine. He’s probably one of the best men, I think, in America to be the voice for an entire generation. I learned a long time ago that when people are under fire you go shoulder to shoulder with them. You don’t back down.

Black Rifle’s mission statement is simple: “Serve Coffee and Culture to People Who Love America.” When you purchase coffee from Black Rifle, you’re actively supporting U.S. military veterans. Not only do they employ thousands of veterans from across America, but they also actively support the military community. Black Rifle’s BRCC Fund gives veterans the direct support, grants, training, and resources they need to adapt to civilian life. 

If you are interested in purchasing from this great veteran-owned coffee company, they have plenty of roasts to choose from, each with its own quirky name. You could go with everything from their light Silencer Smooth Roast to their AK-47 Espresso Blend.  

Black Rifle’s induction into the NYSE is something all patriotic Americans should be proud of as they truly support our brave military heroes that protect liberty at home. As CEO Evan Hafer stated:

People talk about, We are dedicated to veterans’. But, half of that is trash. It’s used as sound bite information for corporations to sell more sh*t. I want people to know when they step into the company that this is owned by the veteran community and I want the veteran community to take pride in that.

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