Turn Failures into Freedom with Daniel Blue

Turn Failures into Freedom with Daniel Blue

Daniel Blue has overcome insurmountable obstacles in his life to become the founder of a company that helps clients across the country tap into the key to financial freedom that many people don’t even know they hold.

Who doesn’t like a  good comeback story, right? If ever we needed a reminder that setbacks can be leveraged for success, it’s now. This country is arguably in its biggest crisis of our time, with mandates and lockdowns and divisiveness destroying lives and resulting in businesses everywhere closing their doors. So how does someone manage to build or rebuild a life or business after losing everything? How is anyone supposed to find funds to invest in building their American Dream from scratch, or picking up where politicians shut them down? How does someone climb out from rock bottom?

These are common and important questions. That’s why, each week, we introduce you to an American who has the answers to questions just like these.

This week, we bring you Danile Blue.

Daniel knows all about what it’s like to be at rock bottom. By the time he was 19 years old, he was a new father in the grips of an oxycontin addiction. His once-flourishing career he’d been proud of building at such a young age came crashing down around him.

Falling from grace like that is rough. “It messes with your head,” says Daniel to lose everything you’ve built and grown accustomed to. He felt inferior, and weak. 

He was keenly aware that he was a deadbeat dad, and knew he needed to find a way to pull himself together to be the father his baby daughter deserved.

But how? 

Daniel took a step back to analyze his life up until that point, and pull lessons from it. 

He may only have been 19 years old, but he’d already experienced his share of change and failure to look back on.

The divorce of his parents had been hard on him. But when his dad up and left the family after that, things got even harder for Daniel and his mom. Daniel was angry and confused. His mom was left to provide for her family all alone.

Daniel blue
daniel blue podcast

With his now single mom spending her time working and less time supervising him, Daniel got into trouble. So much trouble, in fact, that his exhausted and overwhelmed mother made the decision to send her son to live with a family she knew could provide the discipline, oversight, and structure she simply could not.

That move, says Daniel, did indeed give him the boost he needed to make it through his senior year of high school. College, however, was not his thing, and he ditched that path just three months into it. That’s when he stumbled into a sales career that was a good fit for his natural skills, and he flourished financially.

Unfortunately, says Daniel, “I didn’t have core values at that time, I didn’t have standards. I was still lost.” He fell into friendships that led to drug use and addiction, and before he knew it, he was a new father with a blown up career and a raging addiction to prescription drugs. 

Failure was familiar to him. But he was ready to change and turn those failures into fulfillment. The answer, Daniel says, was forgiveness.

In the moment he held his baby and absorbed the enormity of being a father, he finally understood that fathers are just people, and fallible. He was able to find forgiveness for his own father, who’d left him, and begin finding forgiveness for himself as well.

From there the road was open. 

Daniel made a move to Las Vegas, pushed through his addiction into recovery, and rebuilt his life. 

Today owns his own company. He has 14 employees and he serves costumes throughout the country. Within a few years he turned his entire life around, and became the success he wanted to be.

He’s still climbing mountains, but those mountains are his own choice, packed with new goals and heights and views to achieve for himself and his daughter.

In this episode, Daniel shares his story and details how, exactly, he made the changes in his life to overcome what felt like insurmountable odds. He offers actionable steps for listeners to take today, to make those same changes in their own lives, and he talks about the key to financial freedom many Americans have right now, but don’t know about.

Here are some of the topics we discussed with Daniel Blue

The financial strategy the IRS doesn’t want you to know about

His mission to help Americans discover financial freedom

An important reminder for anyone who is changing industries

His experience of being addicted to Oxycontin

How he used lessons from his life to turn failures into fulfillment

Becoming a father at 19 years old

How to support and help someone overcome addiction

How entrepreneurs need to adapt to current events

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