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Tucker Carlson continues to flip the proverbial finger to Fox News as the once lauded nighttime host who brought millions of viewers to his show launched his own show this week- independently of the mega news corporation struggling to recover from his departure. 

Carlson vanished from Fox overnight, surprising and angering the millions of viewers who tuned in to see him. While it’s hard to fully trust anyone in politics or “news” media, Tucker Carlson has managed to earn the highest level of trust for millions of Americans – not because they believe he is always being completely honest, but because they believe he came as close as he could to doing so on Fox News, given the rules he had to play by. 

Then, as the country continued to go up in flames, he won even more trust for blatantly ditching the scripts and just calling it like it is. From election manipulation to the lunacy on the streets to the hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle and the unveiling of big pharma’s knee on all our necks – Tucker just started calling it all out.

He even went so far as to say, in his recent post,” At the most basic level the news you consume is a lie… you are being manipulated.” 

And Americans cheered – Finally!

Someone in the media not only admits the truth but exposes it right there on the world stage. 

He had to have known he was committing career suicide at that network, even long before he made that statement on Twitter.

He had to have seen the sharks circling. That their attack was sharp and swift, managing to maintain an element of surprise, could not have been that much of a surprise.

Perhaps, in hindsight, even the extreme lengths that were taken to have him escorted off-site and immediately banned from ever returning to his desk were less of a surprise than they should have been- after all, that’s how this “game” is played.

It’s kill or be killed, and Fox News has had enough of Tucker Carlson daring to speak the truth.

So, it is now hellbent on snuffing his voice out- just like the Liberals are using their government powers to crush their political opponent, Fox News is using all its might to huff and puff and blow the house Tucker built, down. 

According to Axios, citing a letter obtained from Fox News, Carlson’s legal team has been notified that Carlson is in breach of contract. What comes next remains to be seen, but perhaps Tucker will bump into Trump as they enter courthouses that make a mockery of our American values. 

Because Tucker does not appear to be considering backing down and kneeling at the altar of his oppressors.

Calrson’s attorney Bryan Freedman, in a statement cited by Axios, sais,

“Fox defends its very existence on freedom of speech grounds. Now they want to take Tucker Carlson’s right to speak freely away from him because he took to social media to share his thoughts on current events.”

Giddyup, Buttercups, because the Clash of the Titans is entering a new season. Tucker Carlson is a Titan for Americans who are sick to death of our country being turned inside out. It may be harder to crush him than it is to crush Trump.

Americans are ready to take our country back. Intended or not, Tucker has become a leader in that fight.

Barb Allen is a speaker, award-winning author, Gold Star Wife, and co-founder of the Great American Syndicate. Follow Barbara Allen on Instagram at @barballenspeaks

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