Trump’s Truth Social – The Answer to Censorship or Just Another Echo Chamber for the Elite?

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If you’re someone who enjoys open debate and believes in things like free speech, you may be excited about the launch of Truth Social. Finally, you may be thinking, a platform where we can all share viewpoints and we can all connect with other freedom-loving citizens of the world. 

You probably signed up for the app on pre-order, so you could be among the first to race into that arena. You wanted to be able to drop content and establish yourself before it becomes impossible to be anything other than the tiny fish in a big sea.

Maybe you awoke this morning to a notification that Truth Social is now available. You dropped everything to set your account up and you even got the username that’s never available. Things were looking good. 

And then you ran into that brick wall. You know, the one that is placed there for the Commoners, while the Elite are escorted around it. If you did not receive an invitation to join the app in its Beta phase, you will be placed in a queue that is now about 200,000 people long and counting.

Apparently you have to be “Someone” or at least have been invited by a “Someone” to be in the first wave.

Time will tell if Truth Social is truly for everyone, or is yet another stage for the “Influencers” and the Elite to build followings while the Commoners without social media managers or marketers are forced to suck up to their content in order to be heard. 

Perhaps this is its way of avoiding the crash that Parler had when it launched. Perhaps it will level out soon…

Or perhaps it will be just another echo chamber of the Elite. 

What do you think?

Barb Allen is the Co-Founder and head writer for The Great American Syndicate. Follow her on Instagram at @barballenspeaks

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