Trump Receives Warm Welcome At UFC, Fighter Masvidal leads ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Chant

The Kangaroo courts of DA Alvin Bragg may be willing to die on the hill of destroying Trump, but the court of public opinion is doubling down on its support for the much-maligned 45th president of the United States. 

Just days after Soros funded Alvin Bragg made good on his campaign promise to arrest Trump, thousands of UFC fans cheered as UFC star Jorge Masvidal led them in a ‘Let’s go Brandon” chant after praising Donald Trump and Ron Desantis as the greatest president and governor of all time. 

“I wanted to say, greatest president in the history of the world sitting right there,” Masvidal said, pointing to Trump. “I love that guy.

Masvidal had just lost his fight and later that same night, announced his retirement during an interview with Joe Rogan.

We aren’t sure how we would handle having the NY DA throw 34 felony charges at us -but Trump, apparently, isn’t letting the stress keep him from enjoying his favorite pastimes and letting Americans know that UFC isn’t the only fighting arena champions are made in. So he was in the audience for the event and rose to give an appreciative wave to the crowd.

A moment later, the “USA” chant rose to a roar. 

The American spirit may be wounded, but it is not defeated.

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