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If you still don’t know what the World Economic Forum (WEF) is, who Klaus Schwab is, and who Nicole Schwab is, it is time to learn. If you do know about the WEF and its unelected, Nazi descendent leaders, it is time to start teaching others.

Because the lunacy we have all experienced with lockdowns, mandates, and sheer evil is just the tip of the WEF’s spear, and they are preparing to permanently pierce the thin layer of freedom and common sense that has survived attacks thus far. 

The WEF is planning to implement “permanent climate lockdowns,” and it plans to do so “…whether (we) like it or not.”

There was a point in time when we could laugh at the absurdity of such talk. That time has come and gone. The WEF is absurd- but it is also very real, and has been gloating over the ease with which billions of people so readily complied with the “unimaginable restrictions” introduced during COVID, which it calls the “test of social responsibility.”

A 2022 opinion piece on the WEF site, pulled from a round of meetings and penned by two of its members, Kunal Kumar and Mridul Kaushik, mapped it out for all to see. The article spells out the biggest obstacle to total domination as figuring out how to get even more people to comply, which it refers to as  “inclusivity of citizens.”

It notes the hurdles this inclusivity faced included, “…lack of social acceptance, political resistance,  a lack of awareness and fair mechanism for tracking “My Carbon” emissions.” It goes on to note how immediate threats to people’s finances was an effective weapon against these hurdles.

Nicole Schwab, daughter of the WEF founder Klaus Schwab, is seen in a recently posted video from a WEF panel discussion back in 2020, boasting about the success of the COVID lockdowns, and issuing an ominous warning about future plans for permanent lockdowns, now that there is more information on how to most effectively achieve total control.

In a nod to the increasing amount of lunatics in offices of power and the sheer havoc they are unleashing upon society, Nicole talks about how to use the “increased levers that policymakers have today — in a way that was not possible before to create a change that is not incremental.” 

In perhaps the most alarming statement she makes in that video, Nicole talks about the importance of “engaging youth” in these brainwashing tactics.

While she attempts to disguise this all as a positive movement to heroically save the planet, what she is actually referring to is the decimation of the family and our freedoms- and how to convince impressionable youth that it is all for their sake. 

Some of the methods the WEF is planning to deploy include:

    • -Increasing the cost for “carbon-intensive” activities 
    • -‘Economic incentives” for reducing demand
    • -New definitions of a fair share of personal emissions
    • -Setting of acceptable levels of personal emissions

And those are just a taste of what’s coming. States like NY have sampled these methods, with coal and wood-fired pizza ovens being targeted, new tolls to drive through certain parts of the city, a ban on gas stoves, and new proposals to change requirements for home water heaters, heating and cooling systems, and even refrigerators and dishwashers. 

Around the world, an astonishing amount of people voluntarily line up to receive chip implants, with which they can pay for items- and whatever else the WEF wants that chip to do in the future.

John Kerry stepped out of his private jet long enough to announce that farms are a threat to our climate, and we must now reduce emissions from agriculture.

With the brainwashing about eating bugs and lab-grown “meat,” it’s not hard to see where Kerry is leading his sheep

Unless we’ve missed it, we have not seen the WEF mention anything about reducing emissions by any means like reducing imports from China, which has far less climate regulations than we do, and for which we use oil to ship the items, regulating the carnage wreaked by lithium mining (not to mention the slave labor used for this) the millions of tired shipped to and burned in places like Kuwait, or- wait for it- limiting private jet use.

So as more and more pressure is placed on disarming Americans, removing healthy foods from our diet, destroying the nuclear family, scrambling the brains of our youth, allowing millions of people to waltz into our country while we pay for their presence, sexualizing children, legalizing criminal activity while criminalizing self-defense, and all the other insanity the far Left is generating, don’t forget to pay attention to the WEF. 

Learn about Klaus Schwab’s Nazi father. Read up on their articles. Watch their videos. Think about how these unelected people have achieved such levels of power over us- and think about how you will meet the next wave of lockdowns if it succeeds in its plan.  

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