The Relentless Patriot: The Documentary About to Explode Across America

relentless patriot

The assault on America’s core values has been relentless. It began slyly, softly, slipping in so subtly that we didn’t notice it at first. But when Trump announced his first campaign, it was like he kicked over the rock we’d all been walking past for years, exposing the lunacy hiding in plain sight.

It began with self-righteous talk that sounded so ludicrous, it was easy to dismiss – who was really going to take that nonsense seriously? Next came the pink vagina hats. More proof, we thought, that some women in America had been swept up in emotions and would soon look back on the time they ever thought marching in DC wearing a vagina costume made them brave instead of foolish, and cringe at how gullible they’d been.

I mean, we’ve all done things we look back on with regret, right?

Surely, we thought, when the streets of Washington DC burned, and rioters attempted to scale the White House fence, even those who have a deranged hatred for Trump would denounce that as unacceptable. 

But… nope.

Instead, we watched in horror, disbelief, and outrage as streets across America became combat zones. We saw police stations attacked, police officers executed, and family businesses burned, all while celebrities and politicians encouraged violence against the sitting president of the United States, and all those who speak out against insanity.

We were told we are all racist.

We were told there are infinite genders.

We were told “two weeks to stop the spread.

We were censored, targeted, doxxed, fired, threatened, shunned, mocked, and persecuted personally and professionally, all for daring to stand by our own beliefs. 

People like Nancy Pelosi made a mockery of the sacrifices made by men and women in uniform, as she handed a folded flag to George Floyd’s mother.

Yes, the assault on freedom, faith, and family is relentless. And it is winning. But thanks to people like Scott Lobaido and Christopher Martini, real Americans are beginning to take back some ground. 

The Relentless Patriot, Artist activist Scott LoBaido lives in Staten Island NY.

For decades, he’s used his art as a means to defend patriotism. 

He’s an activist artist who publicly calls out corrupt politicians and raises awareness for causes. He’s traveled across the country painting giant flags on buildings. He’s painted the thin blue line on city streets. He’s painted caricatures of politicians and he’s created stunningly beautiful works of art. For some of this, he’s been arrested multiple times for nonviolent protests. 

His social media accounts are packed with peppery patriotism, spoken with a passion that is impossible to fake. We were fortunate to interview both Scott and Christopher on my show, Flex Your freedom (formerly American Snippets). Both interviews left us wanting to know these men and their work better, and that is now happening. 

The Relentless Patriot is a documentary directed, filmed, and edited by Christopher Martini.

It is all about Scott LoBaido and the past thirty years of his life. The trailer for this dropped on January 1, and the premiere is taking place in Staten Island, late in February.

A social media post from Christopher Martini announced the release of the trailer and issued a call to action:

We need it to go viral. I say ‘we’ because The Relentless Patriot Documentary is fighting for the things we all care deeply about, our veterans, law enforcement, respect for the flag, our core American values, customs and traditions, faith, and family. The only way the film will be able to land a distributor is if our trailer goes viral. We are conservatives so we are the underdog, they don’t want this content available. They will push it down.  Please be committed to sharing this trailer, not just once, but repeatedly, tagging influencers, until we reach millions. I will continue to make films that reflect your values and concerns, and I will continue to speak out against woke Hollywood and cancel culture, but I need the help of my community.

We are proud to share this with you and excited to see all of you share it, too!

Join our Great American Syndicate for updates, as we will be at the premiere and would love to see you there!

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