The Perils Of Power And How The American People Will Take It Back

the perils of power
Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and unending power is lethal.

Americans are familiar with images and videos of people fighting back against tyrannical, Communist regimes. Explosions, chaos, oppression, fear, and divisiveness scream out from these clips. Once upon a time we had to search global news to find those stories. Today all we have to do is step outside or fire up our phones to see it happening right here in what was once known as the Land of the Free.

Power is being wielded in a way our founding fathers never intended. For all the foresight they possessed, it’s the one crack in the People’s protection they missed that opened the door to destroying America’s core values.

With the exception of the President, there are no term limits in place for elected representatives. This has allowed people to sink their talons into the fiber of our country and hold on for decades. Whether they ever had pure intentions or not, today they display nothing but a will to bring down everything America stands for. They have established such powerful alliances with lobbyists, corporations, one another, and all those who are indebted to them that their reigns are virtually guaranteed. 

What does unlimited constraints on power do to a person?

We can see it displayed in people like Nancy Pelosi, who has been in power for decades. Woe be it to anyone who dares suggest she’s imperfect, or defies her in any way. She’s so far removed from the people who graced her with their trust she wouldn’t survive a day without the trappings of her power.

While her constituents waited in line at food pantries, Pelosi beamingly stood in front of her expensive freezer and displayed drawers full of ice cream she “doesn’t know how she would live without.” 

Her young protege’ is now ascending to her own power, and even Nancy has a hard time handling her. AOC hit the ground running and has now become so brazen she openly calls for “rehabilitating” states that stand with Trump, and “reining in” the media that shares what she considers to be “misinformation.”

Left unchecked, this blooming Communist is sure to wreak immeasurable carnage upon our country. Unfortunately, she is an expert at marketing and knows precisely who to manipulate into thinking it’s cool to roll with her, so she is likely to be a hemorrhoid for humanity for decades to come.

Both women share regular rants online and in interviews, doing exactly what they accuse Trump of; inciting violence and spreading misinformation. Nancy even went so far as to usurp the chain of command by going straight to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to warn him not to give Trump the power to do anything with the nuclear codes. This is well beyond her authority to do and yet- she is immune from rebuke, as she has her talons on the carotids of everyone beneath her.

Power does not only leave its mark on the Left.

There are plenty of Republicans who display signs of serving their power more than their Constituents. Mitch McConnell has had his own long run in government. Now he is flip-flopping his positions, with an almost immediate reversal of support for President Trump once it was confirmed he is no longer the Majority Leader in the Senate. Suddenly, he is considering his support for impeaching our President with just one week left in office, and through a process Nancy magically whipped through faster than her precious ice cream would melt in the hot sun.

The first impeachment was such a sham that half of America believes Pelosi should be impeached, herself, as well as criminal charges filed against Obama and Hillary. Not only has the opposite happened, but McConnell is now fueling flames of divisiveness by not denouncing this second outrageous plot. One can only surmise the heat of Nancy and Chuck’s combined flames is flickering at his feet, and Mitch wants no part of that pain.

Better to burn down the party, instead.

While Americans lost their livelihoods, family business went dark, and people went to jail for showing up to work, federal employees received a 1% raise. Politicians like Governors Cuomo, Whitmer, and Gavin who criminalized opening up businesses never missed a paycheck, themselves, and while Biden is poised to once again fine Americans who cannot afford to pay for health care, billions of dollars is being sent to other countries. Congressional and Senate representatives enjoy the finest healthcare available, on the taxpayers’ dimes, and receive lifelong pensions that eclipse the annual salaries of many Americans who have worked for decades – even if they serve just one term.

The lesson here is that both parties are so compromised by their own power, or tastes of power, that the only immediate cure is the implementation of term limits. It is unlikely they will ever introduce such legislation themselves, and I daresay no one believes it would pass, anyway. Therefore Americans are beginning to step forward to reclaim our power and serve up some slices of humble pie to complement Nancy’s ice cream.

Two efforts are emerging to restore power to the People.

The Patriot party is being talked about as a third Party meant to represent Americans who are disenchanted with both parties running the country. Likely to consist of truly center-based Americans, and reaching into some moderates on the Left, this Party would present as a strong representation of the Americans who believe in our country’s core values, support capitalism, border security, freedom of speech, the second amendment, and term limits. 

The Group’s Facebook page states: America needs a new party, a new movement, because the two party system has failed. This is the party of Abe Lincoln, George Washington, JFK, the United States Constitution, and Donald J. Trump.

Another emerging organization is The Convention of States Project

The organization’s website describes its members as, “Citizens concerned for the future of their country, under a federal government that’s increasingly bloated, corrupt, reckless and invasive, have a constitutional option. We can call a Convention of States to return the country to its original vision of a limited federal government that is of, by, and for the people. “ It cites Article 5 of the Constitution as its map for Americans to follow, to remove power from federal hands and restore it to the states.

In addition to organized political movements, Americans are forming grassroots communities to connect, collaborate, and conquer challenges together. The Great American Syndicate is one such community, offering Groupon-like discounts to help penny-pinching Americans, presenting trainings in areas that will help people strengthen themselves, their families, and their communities, and connecting members with one another virtually and through planned live events.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and unending power is lethal. It’s time for Americans to come together to recognize abused power is our common enemy, and restore that power to its rightful owners – the citizens of this country.

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