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The event America has been waiting for is almost here; in just two months, the Great American Summit will bring over hundreds of  patriotic Americans to the Marriott Las Colinas in Irving Texas for a two day live event packed with some of this country’s top business leaders, entrepreneurs, and genuine heroes. 

This charitable patriotic event is all about the American Dream and the core values this country is built upon. All event proceeds will be donated to organizations that support the military, first responders, and at risk youth.  Attendees will celebrate the American Spirit, give back to their communities and country, and learn how to build a life of freedom that so many men and women have sacrificed their lives to defend.

Attendees will also see the impact they’ve helped create when they hear from the nonprofits who are beneficiaries of this event. The nonprofits include: Unbound Warrior, ShareTogetherNow, JacoBooyens Ministries, The Got Your Back Network, The Wounded Blue, and REBOOT Recovery. These organizations serve victims of human trafficking as well as our military, law enforcement, and first responder communities.

Dave Brown and Barbara Allen, founders of the American Snippets podcast, built this event to serve as a template for Americans who are ready to ditch their fear and frustration, and withstand the challenges facing us today. Its unique blend of patriotism, professionalism and purpose will do more than inspire and entertain attendees- it will set the stage for restoring freedom in their lives, and in this country.

The Great American Summit is a perfect opportunity for patriots to connect, collaborate, and conquer challenges together. 

Great American Speakers: The lineup of speakers for the Great American Summit is a star-studded cast of Americans who know exactly what the American Dream is all about.

Every speaker is specifically invited to teach attendees expertise in various areas including: business, leadership, service, resilience, relationships, freedom, and fitness. Army veteran Ryan Weaver, who lost both his brother and brother in-law on active duty service will speak and perform his new hit Let’s Talk About Heroes. Performance artist and speed painter Tom Varano will bring his talent and passion to the stage with his uniquely moving performance. His artwork will be auctioned off in support of this event’s fundraising. 

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Great American Summit Speakers include: Nick Vujicic, Steve Sims, Jason Redman, Larry Broughton, David Webb, Jaco Booyens, Tony Whatley, Bobby Sausalito, Martha Krejci, Marie Cosgrove, Kent Clothier, Bedros Keuilian, Anthony Russo, Ian Wendt, Eddie Pinero, Stepehen Miller,Eric Konavalov, and  Mike Fallat.  

The Necessity to Give Back: The Great American Summit is a full circle event for Barbara Allen. Barbara Allen is a Gold Star Wife whose husband Lt Louis Allen was killed in Iraq at the hands of a fellow soldier. Following this tragedy, Barbara struggled for years to rebuild her life without her husband while raising her four sons.

Today Barbara is excited to give back to organizations that supported her in addition to the other organizations that are a part of this event. 

Tickets for the Great American Summit are on sale now. Set yourself up to start the new year strong. Come to the Great American Summit on January 7-8 in at the Marriott Las Colinas in Irving Texas. While you’re at it- pop a bow on a ticket and give one to someone you care about. What better gift is there, than a path to freedom and an experience you will never forget?

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