The Democrats Have Seemingly Found the Cure for COVID and it’s not in a Needle or a Pill


The pandemic is over. Rational people understand it’s been over for a very long time.

They’ve understood that natural immunity from having survived the terrifying virus with a 99% survival rate is a real thing. They’ve understood that masking children does more harm than good. They’ve understood their own inalienable rights to live freely and make medical decisions for themselves and their loved ones. 

But the current Democratic party, with very few exceptions, consists of stark raving lunatics.

Unfortunately for America, these lunatics have masterfully woven themselves into virtually every position of power and influence there is. They’ve used this power and influence to divide us. They’ve used it to villify, persecute, and destroy Americans. They’ve used it to protect the man who held a  critical role in creating the virus, and champion him as he declared himself the sole authority on imprisoning Americans. 

Rational people have understood the preventive paths to protecting themselves from the virus without masks, lockdowns, destroying livelihoods, decimating dreams, shattering childhoods, increasing depression, suicide, and addiction, forcing people to die alone, or any of the other preventive paths the Democrat party and in fact numerous world leaders chose to take.

Rational people have understood the therapeutic paths to substantially increase early recovery from this virus.

They’ve listened to Nobel Prize winning experts, World-renowned experts and top professionals who managed to circumvent censorship to some degree, and share these treatment options. They’ve done more than accept headlines as gospel. They’ve peeled back the layers of the “data” to discover the truth behind the numbers, and they’ve called bullshit on all of it. 

Rational people have gratefully accepted the vaccine. Rational people have also declined it. Many have been placed in egregious positions designed to essentially force them into a vaccine. The Lunatics gloat over the Mafia tactics. The rational people- vaxxed and unvaxxed alike- recognize it for the ominous plot twist in American history that it is.

But all of this appears to be coming to an end.

The Democrats have seemingly found the cure for COVID and it’s not in a needle or a pill (although it looks like they may think crack pipes help). It is in fact much  simpler than that.

It’s in the polls leading up to mid term elections. It’s in the unmistakable evidence that Americans across the board have had enough of this  lunacy. It’s in the students peacefully  protesting and walking out. It’s in the parents standing their ground at school board meetings. It’s in CNN’s ratings plummeting right along with Biden’s poll numbers, and it’s in the realization that a red wave is poised to part the blue seas, so Americans may once again walk in the path our Founding Fathers and God Himself  prepared  for us.

Even the most oppressed states like California and New York are beginning to admit it’s time for masks to end- except of course for students and those in a range of fields.

Even liberal “news” sources are noting the same. Those same media outlets are also awakening to the very real likelihood that the Lunatics will not be permitted to burn our country down any more. 

It’s unfortunate that it took something as unrelated to health as political polls to cure this virus, but any cure is a good cure, and rational people don’t even care if the Lunatics take credit. 

Barb Allen is the Co-Founder and head writer for The Great American Syndicate. Follow her on Instagram at @barballenspeaks

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