Tens of Thousands of “Freedom Truckers” and Civilians Travel to Ottawa to Protest Vaccine Mandate

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A massive protest is taking place in Canada to push back against Canada’s proof-of-vaccination policy for cross-border drivers. In the wake of mandatory vaccine policies, a group of truckers campaigning for their bodily autonomy began the movement under the name “Freedom Convoy 2022”. The trucker convoy to Ottawa now stretches 70 km long, or about 45 miles, with tens of thousands of American truckers traveling north to show support. 

To put it in perspective, the 70 km-long convoy is the longest convoy ever recorded. Before the Freedom Convoy 2022, the Guinness World Record for longest convoy was nearly 5 miles long and occurred in Egypt. The Freedom Convoy on its way to Ottawa is almost 10 times longer, absolutely smashing the previous world record. 

The group departed from Vancouver last Sunday to protest the federal government’s vaccine mandate primarily affecting truckers. The Canadian Trucking Alliance believes that 15% of their truckers are not fully vaccinated. Despite a minority of truckers being unvaccinated, many vaccinated truckers are joining the Freedom Convoy to express solidarity for the medical freedom of their peers. 

It is amazing how much support the Canadian truckers have drawn from their fellow citizens and Americans.

However, this massive amount of support did not stop Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from slamming the Freedom Convoy as a “small fringe minority” who hold “unacceptable views”:

Trudeau’s readiness to condemn working-class Canadians who dare oppose his medical mandate regime is despicable. Jordan Peterson, an internationally prominent intellectual from Canada, has shown outrage over Trudeau’s response and has published multiple tweets supporting the Freedom Convoy. In a Tweet, Peterson calls out Trudeau for his hypocrisy in smearing truckers who are crucial to a functioning society:

Truckers apparently weren’t there for us when we needed food and stuff

Joe Rogan has also been outspoke on the subject of mandates, the freedom convoy, etc.

Peterson is just one of many prominent figures who have shown support for the Canadian truckers. America’s richest man and greatest innovator, Elon Musk, has come out in support of the movement in the following simple tweet: 

Almost all sensible Canadians are opposed to the new cross-border vaccine mandate. For one, it is a violation of freedom of movement, an essential inalienable right held by all human beings. 

Also, Canada cannot afford to lose any additional truckers as they are undergoing a severe supply chain crisis. Dennis Darby, the Canadian chair of the manufacturer’s coalition, stated

Can’t get the goods we need because of supply chain bottlenecks, made worse by the trucker vaccine mandate.

A similar message was echoed by Canada’s former Conservative party leader, Andrew Scheer, who stated

Trudeau is attacking personal liberty and threatening everyone’s ability to get groceries because of his overreach on vaccine mandates.

650,000+ Canadians unified and are joining this Freedom Convoy. Some reports put the projected number around 1.4 million which includes Americans and others who traveling to Ottawa in support of this movement.

What do you think? If you are looking to support the Freedom Convoy, it will be difficult to do so unless you drive to Ottawa yourself.

The organizer of the Freedom Convoy GoFundMe fundraiser, Tamara Lich, says GoFundMe is releasing money for the campaign. It has now raised more than $6.3-million through more than 80K donations. Lich says funds will cover truckers fuel, food and lodgings.

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