Remembering Sean Stephenson

Sean Stephenson: 1979-2019

Being born with a rare brittle bone disease called osteogenesis imperfecta, Sean Stephenson’s parents were told that he would likely not survive his birth.

Luckily, Sean had no idea he was supposed to die, and his parents had no intention of giving up on their baby. Sean knows it is his parents’ love for him that carried him through dangerous years.

 “Their greatest gift to me, was refusing to lose faith in my survival.” – Sean Stephenson

Sean Stephenson’s story and how he lived his life is proof that the mind is a powerful weapon against adversity.

Beyond getting through life challenges, coping with disease, and dealing with trauma management – Sean Stephenson says so much more than that in this video.

He teaches you how to love everyone.

Dealing with trauma is one thing, but once you learn how to get through rough patches in life, managing trauma can turn into stories of triumph for many.

In this video, Dr. Sean Stephenson tells you exactly how to be grateful; and love everyone – even if you’ve never met them before.  This message personifies who and what Sean Stephenson was all about.

Dr. Sean Stephenson, a guest on our show passed away on August 28th, 2019.

Sean Stephenson’s death was a shock to all his fans. He was an extraordinary presence in this world today but his legacy will burn brightly in all those who were touched by him.

He was an incredible human being who inspired millions and he will leave a lasting impact on us, our friends, community, and everyone he touched with his presence.

Rest in peace Sean Stephenson…you’ll always be in our hearts. 🙏

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