The Wounded Blue serves the law enforcement community by filling the gap in supportive and preventive services for our men and women in blue.

Every day they put it all on the line to serve and protect the people in their communities. The men and women in Law Enforcement know that there is no such thing as “routine.” There isn’t a traffic stop, a domestic violence call, or an emergency of any kind that could not turn lethal in a heartbeat.

There is no week that passes without news of at least one Law Enforcement Officer in this country being wounded or killed on duty.

In the aftermath of 9/11, we revered the men and women in blue for their heroism and sacrifices. Today they are portrayed as villains. Elected officials insist we don’t need them at all. The media insists they are the next coming of the Nazi party, or the KKK.

Police Officers are retiring in droves as more and more hatred builds toward them and overreaching policies make it impossible to do their job.

And in cities like Chicago and San Francisco, crime is flourishing as a result.

What is it like to be a police officer today? How is it different than it was years ago and what can a police officer expect to experience when he or she is injured on duty?

These are just some of the questions asked and answered in our interview with 34 year Law Enforcement veteran, Randy Sutton.

randy sutton wounded blue
randy sutton

Randy was just 19 years old when he earned his badge. He quickly moved from his small town NJ police force to the much bigger city of Las Vegas, where he spent the rest of his career. Today, Randy is the founder and Chairman of the Board of the Wounded Blue Foundation.

Rather than attempt to describe what this incredible organization does in my words, I’ll let their website description more accurately do the job:

Each year, over fifty thousand American law enforcement officers will sustain injuries from assault and on the job accidents ranging from minor to catastrophic. Most Americans assume that in the event of sustaining on-duty injuries, law enforcement agencies and the local, county, and state governments which employ them would be responsible for taking care of them, financially, medically, and psychologically as these injuries are incurred while serving the people they swore to protect.

Officers who are injured, often lose a major portion of their salaries during their healing process (if the injuries are only temporarily disabling) and also lose the ability to earn enough to feed their families. That is why The Wounded Blue exists to correct this injustice by fighting for our injured law officers.

We are honored to include The Wounded Blue as a beneficiary of our GREAT AMERICAN SUMMIT. Together, we will support this work to help those who serve our communities.

When you buy your ticket, you are instantly a part of this support. When  you come to this event, you will  be mingling with over 100 members of the local Law Enforcement Community who will be in attendance. Your donation or ticket purchase helps us provide these men and women with complimentary tickets.

Here are some of the things we discussed with Randy Sutton:  

What the true backbone of law enforcement is

Physical and psychological reactions to hypervigilance

How law enforcement has changed over the years

The reality behind the narrative of institutional racism in law enforcement

The reality behind the narrative of institutional racism in law enforcement

The event that served as a catalyst for hatred toward law enforcement

Issues facing law enforcement today

Randy’s program, Policing with Honor

Ethics in police work

The moment that ended Randy’s career

Randy’s program, Policing with Honor

The Wounded Blue

The Great American Summit

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