Obama Judge Overseeing Ghisalen Maxwell Trial Now Nominated for Federal Judgeship

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Ghislaine Maxwell

The judge overseeing the Ghisalene Maxwell trial has just been nominated by Biden as a federal appellate court judge.

U.S.District Judge Alison Nathan, who formerly served as associate White House Counsel to President Obama before he appointed her to her current position, was initially given the nod by NYS Senator Chuck Schumer, who suggested her to President Biden.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals holds court in lower Manhattan. In most instances, three appellate judges sit on each case heard in this Court. The exception is en banc cases, in which all 13 judges sit. Federal jurisdiction for the United States District Courts for the Second Circuit includes six districts within the states of Connecticut, Vermont, and New York. A list of current judges on this Court can be seen here.

Ghisalene Maxwell is facing trial for charges related to sex trafficking. Her accused partner, Jeffrey Epstein, purportedly committed suicide while in prison prior to his own trial.

The sex trafficking ring Epstein and Maxwell are said to have run is reported to have catered to numerous influential and powerful people, ranging from celebrities to world leaders. 

So while half the country revels in the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, and the other half of the country seethes at the racism of his acquittal, jury selection in a trial of global magnitude began unnoticed, and the person presiding over it has been granted an opportunity to increase her own power by one of the many people who is said to have ties to the crime ring the Accused is standing trial for.

But nothing to see there, right? Let’s all  just keep swallowing the bait being dangled by the media, and let the bigger fish swim right by.

“Needless to say, I’m very honored,” she said.

But Nathan stressed that she would “continue to do my day job, which means presiding over this trial until completion and handling the hundreds of other civil and criminal matters on my docket.”

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