nba player launches anti woke brand

NBA athlete Jonathan Isaac drew the wrath of the Left when he had the audacity to stand during our national anthem.

Those of us who still love this country and believe in preserving the core values it is founded on, however, celebrated him. We loved seeing him standing tall and proud, the lone Patriot surrounded by multi-millionaire teammates kneeling in solidarity of their perceived oppression.

As the entire country began drowning in the first waves of wokeness, Isaac held his line, on his terms. He became an example for others who fear losing their paychecks or fans more than they fear losing the freedoms so many people died for.

Now, Isaac is taking things a step further with the launch of his new brand, Unitus. 

Isaac’s sports and lifestyle apparel proudly asserts it “champions faith, family, and freedom.” The website also states that it is a community of people pursuing true greatness. 

To be clear, Isaac believes Black lives do matter, just like any sane human being believes Black lives, White lives, and babies lives, and Brown lives, and whatever color, creed, nationality, or whatever else you are matters. 

He simply refused to use that mantra as a weapon against unity, and he places his faith in God above flawed human beings. 

Unitus officially launched on August 1, 2023.

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