Liberal activists swarm Senator Joe Manchin’s car in menacing “peaceful”protest

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activists swarm joe manchins car

An angry group of self-proclaimed “peaceful protestors” swarmed Senator Joe Manchin’s vehicle yesterday, screaming profanity and demands at the Senator while attempting to trap him in a parking garage.

The protestors insist they were well within their rights to swarm, harass, and physically block his vehicle from exiting the parking garage. They appear to be dumbfounded that a person in such a threatening situation would ever-so-slowly creep his vehicle forward, pushing back against the strangers who were surrounding him and screaming at him as others filtered down to join the assault on his space. 

“We blockaded Joe Manchin’s car and he tried to run us over,” one aggrieved activist whined on TikTok. “What an awful, selfish, greedy man,” another pronounced in his own post. “How’d that Maserati feel while you drove into us this morning?” cried another heroic whippersnapper who also appears to believe her actions were somehow valiant instead of menacing, hostile, and threatening.

It’s time to stop pretending these increasingly popular incidents are peaceful and start calling them out for what they are.

For anyone who needs some help understanding the difference between “peaceful” and hostile, let’s spell it out for you:

“Peaceful” is defined as: free from war, strife, commotion, violence, or disorder – not argumentative, quarrelsome, or hostile

“Hostile” is defined as: a person or thing that is antagonistic or unfriendly.

Let’s toss in the definition of “threatening” for good measure: to be a menace or source of danger to: to indicate impending evil or mischief.

See the difference? Only in the world of the Far Left is the word “peaceful” used to describe setting cars on fire, burning buildings, and swarming people’s vehicles to trap a driver and passengers in a potentially dangerous situation. Only the deranged media and its loyal flock of professional victims celebrate the use of violence or threats of violence, along with harassment and bullying, as noble and just. 

What would you do if your vehicle was suddenly swarmed by people who hate you and are screaming at you and attempting to trap you in an underground parking garage, or on a bridge, or a highway, or a back road? Would you trust that they won’t escalate into violence as their numbers grow and mob mentality sets in? Would you put your car in park and sit there for as long as it took for the activists to grow bored and walk away? Would you surrender your physical safety to the mindset of a mob? What about your passengers’ safety? 

Or would you make it a point to escape the volatile situation while doing your best not to hurt any of the people who are swarming you? Would you creep your vehicle slowly forward, gently but insistently herding the people as you go? Would you call 911 while doing so? Better hope it’s not in a town that lost a chunk of its police force to vaccine mandates or defunding.

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