Kirk Cameron’s Brave Books Reading Bursts Library Capacity

kirk cameron's brave books reading
Actor Kirk Cameron drew an overflow crowd at the Indianapolis Public Library to read his children’s book “As You Grow,”
published by Brave Books, on Thursday. (Photo courtesy Brave Books)

“I wonder what George Washington would say to that,” Kirk said in our pre-interview conversation. His comment was in response to me sharing comments I’ve received about giving up on this movement to restore America’s core values. 

Indeed, it is easy to sit back and do nothing in the face of depravity and evil sweeping our nation and our world. Fortunately, people like Kirk Cameron refuse to yield, regardless of how overwhelming it may feel. 

Yesterday, Kirk's faith and commitment to this movement proved to be making a difference.

His in-person reading of a children’s book from his Brave books publishing company drew an estimated two thousand people who showed up early and waited in line to hear Kirk read his Christian-based children’s book, “As You Grow.’ 

The Indianapolis library is one of several that initially denied Kirk’s request to hold a reading, in spite of offering a Drag Queen story hour for children. But Kirk refused to surrender in what he calls a war being waged on children’s innocence. He pushed back citing the illegality of being refused, and two of the fifty libraries that denied him have since yielded. Indianapolis was the first of two readings Kirk has this week, with the second being today in Scarsdale NY. 

A father himself, Kirk Cameron knows it is upon parents to arm their children with the tools they will need to withstand the onslaught of confusion and sexualization in schools and in society.

His books are just one part of his efforts to inspire and lead Americans by example

Brave Books website states the company’s purpose is : 

To honor God by shaping a future generation of Americans, who will fight for a nation defined by freedom, truth, humility, bravery, and compassion.

Its mission statement reads:

To help parents instill a love of truth in their children so that the children will withstand harmful progressive influences. 

While more and more Americans are eager to find resources like Brave Books, opposition to Kirk, the values he stands for, and his books continue to push back, too.

Letters to the editor in Scarsdale NY denounced Kirk as “divisive” and encourage community members to ignore him. Even the two libraries who grudgingly allowed Kirk’s readings have not included the reading on their website calendar, in spite of all other readings being listed.

But rather than focus on the negativity and feed into the contempt, Kirk keeps his message and his voice focused on solutions to this nation’s problems. He maintains a positive, respectful platform that rises above the ugliness – and it’s working.

Want more? Listen to the podcast interview with Kirk Cameron here!

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