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A powerful combination that can help you achieve more and experience lasting success in all areas of your life.

When you prioritize faith, you enrich your spiritual life, giving you a greater sense of purpose and meaning.

When you invest in your family, you build strong bonds that provide love and support through the ups and downs of life.

When you embrace freedom, you open the door to opportunity and exploration, unencumbered by limiting beliefs or fears.

When you direct your finance, you pave a path for greater financial freedom, allowing you to create a stable, prosperous future for yourself and your loved ones.

Finally, when you prioritize fitness, you foster a strong, healthy body and mind, giving you the energy and endurance you need to tackle your goals and live a full life.

These five principles together create a daily structure and blueprint that can help you live a more balanced life. And once you embrace them, you’ll quickly experience the powerful results they can bring! 

Listen...We Get You

Dear fellow American!

Are you as tired as we are of the constant negativity permeating our media and government, tearing at the fabric of our nation and its people? Then listen up!

The Great American Syndicate is a community of powerhouse patriots unafraid to stand for what’s right. We’re looking for fellow patriots — like you — who dream of making a positive impact on their families, communities, and country.

We need individuals like you who are willing to help shape the future of our beloved country, individuals who envision the best version of America. Our pledge to current and future generations is to preserve freedom, champion America’s core values, and foster the American Dream.

If you demand excellence and personal freedom in your life, if you believe in the fundamental principles of liberty and wish to see the American Dream come to fruition, then look no further! The Great American Syndicate is the perfect fit for you, one citizen at a time, let’s make America great again!

Join us and let’s create a brighter future for generations to come.

proximity is power

The choices we make in life determine our path, but perhaps the most crucial is who we decide to share our journey with. 

Our community is built on the shoulders of patriotic achievers who lead by example, inspire by their deeds, teach with patience, pray for the good, and fight for the visions they hold dear. We unite to banish fears, conquer challenges, and create more freedom for ourselves, our families, our communities, and our country.

Our commitment to one another fuels the bonds we share, and the genuine connections we make fortify us in the face of adversity.

As our community continues to grow, we’re proud to bring together real heroes, great Americans, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Our group is made up of passionate individuals like yourself, who share a common goal of creating a movement unlike anything else in America. 

We work towards solving each other’s struggles in every aspect of life, forging a strong bond and creating a family of extraordinary people. Members of our community have each other’s back, and together, we can conquer anything that comes our way!

Together we are stronger

The Great American Syndicate is unique in that it blends community, experience, and a movement all in one. Catering to those who seek to expand their network, secure personal freedom, and establish a lasting legacy for their family, their values, and their nation.

Our community shares a passion for freedom, equality of opportunity, and the American values of personal freedom, free speech, freedom of religion, the rule of law, and love of family, community, and country.

Join our passionate, fun, and driven community of hard-working Americans who deeply value individual liberty and the opportunities that come with it.

Let’s work together to build a brighter future by setting an example for what America should be. 👊

– Dave Brown and Barb Allen


The Great American Syndicate is the perfect place for bold patriotic American citizens and entrepreneurs who want to come together, build relationships, and be a source of hope, strength, and courage. Our community of like-minded members shares a common goal – to support each other in our individual endeavors and grow a community of patriotic Americans who are dedicated to coming together to make a positive impact on ourselves, our families, our communities–and ultimately the country. Greatness doesn’t come from living in isolation; it comes from collaboration with like-minded individuals who share your beliefs and values.

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The Great American Syndicate community, training, resources, and networking all in one place. It’s a powerful platform that only members have access to where you can engage with other members, make posts, ask questions, go LIVE, chat, add your knowledge, and more.

PRIVATE MESSAGE BOARDS Members can start and engage in dozens of daily discussions on FAITH, FAMILY, FREEDOM, FITNESS AND FINANCES.


Learn from America’s best and brightest speakers, influencers, business owners, entrepreneurs, and change-makers who graced the stage at the Great American Summit. We only bring in the absolute best who are aligned with our core values and beliefs. You’ll be blown away by who you’ll get the chance to learn from.

Nick Vuijic, Bedros Kuelian, Jaco Booyens, Jason Redman, Ray ‘Cash’ Care, Kent Clothier, Steve Sims, Randy Sutton, Tony Whately, Martha Krecji, Stephen Miller, Marie Cosgrove, Bobby Sausalito, Mike Fallat, Tony Whately, Ian Wendt, and more.

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Exclusive savings, discounts, and special promotions from companies that share our values with an emphasis on Made in America and Veteran owned products and businesses. Active members get discounts and perks from like-minded companies plus bada$$ giveaways and more.

30% OFF GREAT AMERICAN SYNDICATE MERCH: Our Great American apparel represents American values and personal freedom. We keep it made in America from shirts, hoodies, and canvas art. You get 30% off all products all the time.

But that's not all! you'll also gain access to

LIVE COACHING CALLS w/ founders Dave Brown, Barb Allen, Anthony Russo, and special guests. Each month we do THREE live 60-90 MINUTE COACHING CALLS inside the group. The monthly trainings are POWERFUL and at the end of the call, we do a LIVE Q&A with you.

FAITH, FAMILY, FREEDOM FINANCE, AND FITNESS. A daily structure, blueprint, and powerful combination that can help you achieve more and experience lasting success in all areas of your life.

EXCLUSIVE TRAINING VIDEOS. Get exclusive access to our growing library of BONUS VIDEOS on everything from business, real estate, relationships, writing a book, marketing, starting a non-profit, sales, health & fitness, and more!​

PRIVATE MESSAGE BOARDS AND GROUPS. We encourage our members to meet, connect and follow other members. Engage in dozens of daily discussions on a variety of topics. Mastermind, brainstorm, and seek help from other like-minded members.

MEMBER-ONLY FACEBOOK GROUP!​ Just another place to stay informed, connected, and updated when you're not hanging out inside the community portal.

ACCESS TO THE ANNUAL GREAT AMERICAN SUMMIT. 2 patriotic days of the most powerful, inspiring, motivating, and educational networking in America. The blend of patriotism, purpose, and professionalism will not only prove you are not alone in your belief that Americans are still strong and America is still special, but it will also teach you how to be unreachable by those who seek to cramp your freedom.

GREAT AMERICAN MASTERMIND EXPERIENCE. Once you're in, you'll have the chance to join us in person for the upcoming Great American Syndicate Masterminds. These masterminds are small, intimate gatherings where you'll get in-depth learning from founders Dave, Barb, Anthony, and hand-selected speakers from their personal and business networks. These aren't the same people you see at every other event or Livestream... We only bring in the best PATRIOTS who are aligned with our shared beliefs and values.

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Your exclusive welcome box includes a VIP ticket to the Great American Summit, a limited edition commemorative ‘Lady Liberty’ print by artist Tom Varano, an exclusive GAS t-shirt, an Awake Not Woke hat, Pocket Constitution, GAS Decal, Jason Redman ‘Overcome’ Magnet, a Barb Allen’s book, “What Not to Wear to a Murder Trial: and Other Tips Tragedy Taught Me”, plus a SURPRISE BONUS Best selling BOOK: signed by the author.

Barb Allen

Barb Allen is the co-founder of the Great American Syndicate. She’s a podcast host, award-winning author, writer, and resilience coach.  Barb is a Gold Star Wife. Her late husband Lt Louis Allen, was murdered by a fellow soldier while in Iraq. She’s the mom of four boys. She’s triumphed over several different versions of her own unique hell. Basically, she’s every country song ever written – almost, anyway. 

Barb has been featured on The Today Show, Fox News, and CNN. She’s also been featured in books by Taya Kyle and Marie Cosgrove. Today Barb is an accomplished Speaker who’s shared the stage with the Greats, including Nick Vujicic and Bedros Keuilian. She’s passionate about helping people overcome adversity, and giving back to the country she loves.


Dave Brown

Dave Brown is the co-founder of the Great American Syndicate. Dave is a lifestyle entrepreneur and real estate investor who owns multiple companies. He has done well over 500 real estate transactions and has coached hundreds of students. Dave is an expert in the fields of sales, affiliate marketing, social media, and SEO. 

Dave is a father of two who loves America and the freedom and opportunity it provides. He credits his experiences with Barb for opening his eyes to the power of patriotism and strengthening his gratitude to all who serve. Dave and Barb are engaged and plan to celebrate their marriage in 2023. 

HERE'S our guarantee to you

Joining the Great American Syndicate is not a magic bullet that will solve all your problems overnight, but by investing time and effort into networking with like-minded members, adhering to our founding principles of faith, family, freedom, finance, and fitness, and actively engaging with our community, you can find a wealth of valuable opportunities that can enhance your life.

Whether you’re looking to improve your personal finances, strengthen your family relationships, or contribute to the wider community and nation at large, our community and live calls can help you achieve your goals and build a better future for yourself and those around you.

The Great American Syndicate is the Blue Checkmark that Verifies You as a Legitimate PATRIOT.


We’re here to bring together like-minded, good, driven, hard-working Americans who share the same beliefs, values, and passion for FREEDOM!

We believe in freedom of thought and most importantly the the right to free speech…so in saying it that, we and our members are known to call it like it is…on everything. That means sometimes we’ll use adult language, a.k.a. “bad” words, while we’re speaking, posting, and engaging inside our community.

We don’t do it in a derogatory manner, but rather for impact and to drive our point home. Certain “WOKE” people hear a bad word or phrase and it triggers them and offends them so much that it clouds them from even being able to absorb any truth or lesson being explained or taught.
If that sounds like you … it’s probably best to not join. 😆