Joe Biden Greeted with Jeers of “Let’s Go Brandon” While Surveying Tornado Damage in Kentucky

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Joe Biden Greeted with Jeers of “Let’s Go Brandon” While Surveying Tornado Damage in Kentucky

On December 15th, Biden flew to Mayfield, Kentucky in a visit to the victims of the terrible tornadoes that left more than 88 dead. When Biden entered the deep red county, he was greeted with jeers of “Let’s go Brandon!” and passed Trump 2020 banners while in his motorcade. 

If Biden were a normal president, greeting him with a euphemism for “F#ck Joe Biden” while he tries to share condolences would be inappropriate. But, Joe Biden is just using the citizens of Mayfield, Kentucky in a political stunt, and it is evident that he doesn’t legitimately care to many of the residents who voted for Trump by a four-to-one margin in the 2020 election. 

The true purpose of his visit to the disaster-stricken area was to appear as a caring and concerned president to bolster his dropping poll numbers. He showed his lack of legitimate care when he wasn’t aware tornadoes had struck Kentucky until shortly before his visit. 

In this video, you can see Joe Biden in a press conference mistakenly say a hurricane had hit the midwest:

Think about how the residents of Mayfield, Kentucky felt after watching that clip. Those that lost a loved one were probably angered as the President was not even sure what natural disaster had hit their home. Since Biden cannot distinguish between a hurricane and a tornado, his personal presence in Kentucky surely could not help them. With this understanding, it is no wonder that locals were shouting “Let’s go Brandon!” as he stepped out of his motorcade.

Before giving a speech to the people of Kentucky, Biden made onlookers uncomfortable as he couldn’t keep his hands off of children. This is not the first time Biden has inappropriately touched children. You can see a compilation of some of his creepy encounters here

Biden hovered around seven-year-old Dane Maddox throughout the event and even brought him up to the podium. Here is one of many pictures of Biden hugging and whispering to Maddox.

Though Joe Biden’s visit appeared to be purely a political stunt, the midwest was thrashed by the tornadoes that touched down. 

Andy Beshear, Governor of Kentucky, announced that more than 100 people are still missing. Unfortunately, this means that the death count is expected to rise over the coming days. We can only hope that the residents of Mayfield, Kentucky can begin putting their lives back together after being ravaged by tornadoes. 

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