How Women Can Defend Gun Rights with Dianna Muller

With 22 years in law enforcement, it’s safe to say Dianna Muller knows a thing or two about firearms and gun violence.

If those credentials aren’t enough to clinch her credibility, add the following: She’s a two-time national 3-gun champion and professional shooter. She is a CLEET law enforcement firearms instructor, a member of the NRA Law Enforcement committee, and a subcommittee member of the Department of Interior Hunting and Shooting Sports Conservation Council. She is a host of the Shooting Gallery on the Outdoor Channel, and the founder of the DC Project.And as a woman in law enforcement, it’s also safe to say she understands the potentially life-saving difference it can make for a woman to be able to defend herself with a gun, if necessary.

That’s why Dianna Muller is now dedicating herself to defending gun rights.

dianna muller

It seems crazy to even consider that our second amendment could ever be at risk- that could never happen here, right?

And yet look at all the ways our other basic rights have somehow been annihilated by the Far Left in power, and even how eagerly so many Americans have surrendered those rights– even turning on friends and family who refuse to do the same.

Then pay attention to the constant manipulation and exploitation of tragedy to introduce more and more restrictions and punitive steps against lawful gun owners.

The door has been cracked wide open, and there are people in power who are trying to come for our guns. It’s part of the “spiritual warfare” being waged across the globe, Muller says. And America is just as besieged as the rest of the planet. Our second amendment is perhaps the only thing that is protecting us from even greater lunacy from our government, such as is being done in Canada, just one border removed from here.

Dianna Muller doesn’t particularly want to spend all her time and resources defending Americans from the very people entrusted with our freedom, but if people like her do not… who will? That’s why she created the DC Project, a nationwide organization of women committed to safeguarding the Second Amendment.

In this episode, Dianna walks us through her expertise and experiences in the defense of gun rights and explains how women, in particular, can become a force in this area. 

Here are some topics discussed with Dianna Muller

Dianna's path to law enforcement

Advances being made by those who seek to restrict gun rights

Differences between people in different levels of law enforcement

Some ways the Far Left manipulates facts and tragedies as reasons to restrict gun rights

The DC Project- what it is, who it serves, how we can help

Testifying before Congress

Education, not legislation

WOFT: West Orlando Firearms and Self Defense Training

Situational awareness

Becoming a hard target


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