How to Rise From Hopelessness to Happiness with Glenn Lundy

How to Rise From Hopelessness to Happiness with Glenn Lundy

rise and grind

In 2005, Glenn Lundy was homeless and suicidal. He’d lost custody of his only child, destroyed relationships, and allowed a successful career to fall by the wayside. 

Today, he is among the country’s most sought-after GM’s in the auto industry. He is a proud husband and father to 7 children, with his 8th on the way. Glenn is the creator of the Rise and Grind morning show that has grown into a major brand, and he is an expert in both dealership culture development and leadership training who has  been featured on major networks.

In this episode of American Snippets, Glenn shares his personal and professional experiences and talks about how he’s leveraged the most painful moments of his past to become major assets in his work today. 

glenn lundy rise and grind
glenn lundy

Glenn’s soaring popularity is evidence that people are thirsty for positivity and hope. While many platforms have evolved to include political views, Glenn and his team are committed to keeping his platform a neutral place, where politics are not welcome.

This is no small accomplishment these days, so we were eager to talk with Glenn and learn how he’s managed to make it happen.

The energy Glenn Lundy exudes is contagious. 

If you already know his story you’ll want to hear him talk about his kids, and the special story he shares about one moment his son taught him a powerful lesson.

If you’ve never heard of Glenn, don’t feel bad- we somehow only learned of him recently ourselves- and we are so glad we did! Like us, you will want to put Glenn’s guidance to work in your own lives, and you will absolutely feel like smiling, no matter what you are up against. 
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Here are some of the topics Glenn talks about:

How to establish a brand with integrity

What is was like to grow up being biracial

What is a 2D life vs 3D life

The experience of being homeless

How he turned his life round after failed suicide attempt

Five things to do every morning, to set yourself up for success

Here are some questions we asked Glenn:

How do you keep politics off the platform

Does your professional message impact your personal content on social media?

What has to happen before a person can begin to accept help?

How do you structure work and family time as a father of 7, with one on the way?

How did you start your Rise and Grind Show and how did you grow it into such success?


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