How to Prepare And Pivot from Disaster, with Business Infrastructure Expert Alicia Butler Pierre

How to Prepare For, Avoid, or Pivot from Professional Disaster, with Business Infrastructure Expert Alicia Butler Pierre

Alicia walked away from her hard-earned chemical engineering job at one of the most notorious companies in the world to pave her own path.

As America reaches the one year anniversary of “fourteen days to stop the spread” millions of Americans are struggling to recover not just from COVID, but from the carnage wreaked on careers and businesses. 

We know that relying on government assistance – depending on our own tax dollars to be reinvested in our businesses and livelihoods instead of political or global whims and deals, is pointless. We know that we have to be our own heroes in our own stories, as well as supporting one another directly. 

In this week’s episode, business infrastructure expert Alicia Butler Pierre lays down the expertise, paving the path for anyone to follow, to rebuild or reinvent your career path. 

Not only does her insight and advice apply to business, but if you pay attention and apply the same principles Alicia discusses, to your personal life, you’ll double-dip on the value she provides!

alicia butler pierre podcast
alicia butler pierre speaking

Whether you are faced with making decisions on how to strengthen your existing business, or to close the doors on that business, or if you have discovered a problem you plan to solve with new business, you want to listen to what Alicia has to say. 

And because Alicia is so awesome, she’s thrown in some free resources for our community. 

Once you listen to her episode, c’mon back here and grab your own Business Immunity Kit, personally created by Alicia. It contains templates for:

A Disaster Recovery Plan

A Business Continuity Plan

A Pre-Mortem

How’s that for value?

We could have spent hours with Alicia, exploring her expertise and building on her energy. Not only is she the real deal in business, Alicia is one of the very few people who holds differing political views from us, and still recognizes the importance of setting differences aside to focus on common ground and the greater good. 

She’s an absolute gem, and we are excited to introduce her to you!

Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode with Alicia Butler Pierre:

How to recognize when it is time to make a big change in life

How to protect your business from outside threats

The difference between working with large corporations and small ones

How to extract valuable skill sets from once career and apply to a completely different career

What power to give to other people’s opinions 

The power of your inner circle

The value of going to live events

How to maximize value from virtual events

How a podcast creates value

What the American Dream means to her

How women can take strong roles in supporting one another

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