Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Blows Up Leftist Narrative on Biden’s Student Loan Plan 

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destantis student loan forgiveness
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis addresses crowd at Florida GOP primary night event in Hialeah, Fla. (Fox News)

Last Wednesday, President Biden announced his economically and morally disastrous plan to relieve $10,000- $20,000 in federal student loans for all college-educated Americans. 

This plan is an obvious slap in the face to blue-collared Americans and an idiotic move to make while our nation teeters on the brink of a recession. However, America’s greatest governor, Ron DeSantis, refuses to take this news lying down.  

During a press conference on August 25th, Governor DeSantis took time to dismantle Biden’s student debt relief plan. You can watch the Florida Governor easily pick apart the Democrat’s latest plan to win over young progressive voters here:  

There are two primary reasons why Biden’s student debt relief program is so terrible for the country. 

The first reason is that it places an additional tax burden on working-class Americans that don’t have college degrees. At its core, a student debt relief program for college-educated individuals is elitist. It expects those who never pursued higher education to pay for the college degrees of those who have greater access to high paying jobs.  

DeSantis touched on this point when stating the following:  

It’s very unfair to have a truck driver have to pay back a loan for somebody who got a PhD in gender studies.

In addition to making the working class pay for the educational investment of the intellectual “elite,” Biden’s student debt forgiveness program incentivizes bad financial decisions. College students that worked throughout their education to pay off their debt feel like suckers. In the future, the next generation of Americans will wait to pay off their loans until the government does so for them.  

The other primary reason Biden’s student debt forgiveness program is so disastrous is that it does nothing to address the universities’ root problem. It is certainly true that the price of a college education has skyrocketed in recent years.

This price increase has not come with a proportional increase in the quality of education. Rather, it has only resulted in more useless bureaucrats on university payrolls and students leaving these institutions brainwashed by leftist ideology.  

If President Biden were to truly address the issue of student debt, he would take universities to task for making a college education so expensive and would work to lower the price. However, Biden has instead bailed out universities which have made students rack up unprecedented levels of debt. This only encourages universities to continue with their current financial model and does nothing to resolve the debt crisis 

DeSantis addressed this point when he stated this:  

If you’re gonna talk about debt, then you should look at who has benefited the most from all this exorbitant debt that has been taken out over the last generation. They have bloated administrative budgets… Because all it does is they plow it in and expand like the DEI office and it has no real impact on the quality of education when they raise tuition.

We can only hope that more Republican politicians stand up and strongly oppose Biden’s student debt relief program as DeSantis has. The Democrats have gotten out of control and are willing to bribe the young, college-educated generation to get their votes. It is truly anti-American and anti-democratic.  

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