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If dismantling and destroying every good or sane piece of life in New York was a superpower, Kathy Hochul and Eric Adams would be the new Wonder Woman and Superman. Between the two of them, New York’s descent into lunacy and gloom continues to accelerate at warp speed. 

It isn’t enough for them to villainize the police, mock and punish people for not receiving an experimental serum, hand the city over to criminals, glorify and force taxpayers to support murdering infants in the womb, open the streets to public displays of nudity in front of children, or campaign to whittle away at the second amendment. 

Now, it seems the two of them are attempting to one-up each other, with bans of gas stoves by one and “congestion taxes” by another. 

And this week, Eric Adams’ administration noticed that there are still a handful of pleasures New Yorkers defiantly enjoy- created by small businesses who survived the tyrannical lockdowns.

This is unacceptable to a regime intent on destroying morale and decimating entrepreneurs. So he came up with a new way to suck a few more drops of freedom, happiness, and tradition from New Yorkers: 

Eric Adams proudly announced a new attack on one of New Yorkers’ favorite foods: pizza.

In the name of saving the planet from toxic emissions, Adams decreed that pizza ovens must meet new carbon emissions requirements.

This degree of carbon reduction essentially kills wood and coal-fired pizza ovens, between the cost of the devices (it will be interesting to see what company makes these devices, and what, if any, ties it has to the Dems) and the change in flavor to centuries-old recipes and techniques of making the pizza that has been one of the few surviving points of pride for New York. 

This is where a true Superhero comes into play.

Scott LoBaido, a patriotic artist and long-time activist, stands out as one of the rare individuals in the United States who has committed himself to expressing protest through creative, peaceful, and public means.

He has been doing this for thirty years, and has more arrests for his peaceful protesting than protestors who loot stores, rob people, smash police cars, or any of the other crimes Adams’ DA declared to be non-crimes.

Heck, it’s now apparently even legal to ride bikes naked and twerk in your underwear in front of kindergartners right in the middle of the street in broad daylight- but Scott received a summons when he threw pizza slices. 

Of all the protests he has filmed and carried out, it’s his New York Pizza Party protest that captured the most attention. Perhaps that is because pizza is one of the few staples that cross Party lines-  people care more about their pizza than their civil rights, in many instances.

In response to the pizza oven announcement, Scott LoBaido took to his social media platforms, promising to push back. And that’s exactly what he did- in his own unique style.

“Give me pizza, or give me death!” he yelled as he threw one slice after another over the iron gates of city hall. And he was just getting started. One slice after another went over the fence as Scott yelled out:

“The woke ass idiots who run this city are doing everything in their power to destroy it. We have naked men with their titties bouncing around all over this city yesterday, in public in front of children.

We have the most violent raging crime rate ever. We are being invaded by illegal immigrants, who are being treated way better than our homeless veterans, our teachers, and first-responder heroes, who were fired, still not compensated because they didn’t take the Fauci injection.

Our city schools produce the dumbest kids, and the woke-ass punks who run New York City are afraid of pizza?

The world used to respect New Yorkers as tough, thick-skinned, and gritty. Now we have become pussified. It’s a damn shame.

You heard of the Boston Tea Party? Well, this is the New York Pizza Party.

Give us pizza or give us death!”

Any minute now the hens on The View will be mocking him, encouraging him to choose death, and denouncing his salty language.

You know- because they themselves are so virtuous. 

As for us, we will take salty language over sweaty bare asses in our streets. And we will enjoy some delicious pizza as we watch The Relentless Patriot– a documentary about Scott, anticipated to be released soon. 

Barb Allen is a speaker, award-winning author, Gold Star Wife, and co-founder of the Great American Syndicate. Follow Barbara Allen on Instagram at @barballenspeaks

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