Former Iraqi US Intelligence Asset on What’s Really Happening in America

Former Iraqi US Intelligence Asset on What's Really Happening in America

From imprisonment under the Saddam Hussein regime to being a vital American intelligence asset during the height of the Iraqi War

Hamody Jasim was 12 years old when he was arrested and tortured in one of Saddam Hussein’s prisons. Hamody enlisted in the Iraq Army while still a teenager, and was ultimately recruited by the United States Intelligence Community. He went on to become a major asset to that community – and to America-  by eliminating high-level Al-Qaeda and Islamic State operatives, and terrorist organizations. 

Hamody was hunted and tracked by Al Qaeda until he was forced to flee to America in order to save his own life. He remains in touch with his contacts in the Intelligence community, and stays up to date on recurring and emerging threats to the country he gave so much in service of. He is an author and speaker, and produced a documentary detailing his experiences and insight. 

hamody jasim
Hamody jasim

We interviewed Hamody back in Episode #21. Since our community has grown and our country has taken such drastic turns, we are bringing him back to apply his extensive knowledge to current events, and share his insight on all of it. 

In this episode of American Snippets Hamody offers a recap of his life in Iraq and addresses specific issues pertaining to our country’s climate, direction, and national security.

Here are some of the topics Hamody jasim talks about:

Recap of growing up under Saddam Hussein’s regime

America has been under attack for years - and most Americans never realized this

Specific examples of social media attacking America’s core values

What it was like to be recruited by US Intelligence at 19 years old

Psychological warfare is being used in America

The role both political parties play

Here are some of the questions we asked hamody:

What are some of the duties you had as a US Intelligence asset?

What was it like to arrive in America after all you’d been through?

What would you like to say to Americans who don’t believe anything that happened in Iraq could happen here?

What are your thoughts on the issue of fraud in the presidential election?


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