“F&ck Joe Biden” Chant Continues to Occur at College Football Games

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F&ck Joe Biden” Chants

Americans and college students continue to speak out during football games at their universities by chanting “f**k Joe Biden” as the president’s approval rating drops.

In an unexpected turn of events, Joe Biden is becoming a unifying force in this country. With recent events like the unconstitutional vaccine mandate, shameful withdrawal from Afghanistan, and a drone strike that killed an innocent family, the country is now united in their hatred for the current president. 

Nothing better encapsulates this than the third ongoing week of college football fans chanting “F&ck Joe Biden”. This new American tradition seems to have begun at Coastal Carolina’s first game on September 2nd. The video of it is attached just below.

This is not just a one-off occurrence. More recently, on the anniversary of 9/11, The Alabama Crimson Tide gave an impassioned rendition of the same chant!

These are just a few of the “F&ck Joe Biden” chants. With just a quick search you can find a multitude of these on the internet. It’s somewhat surprising that such a chant originated in this atmosphere. For one, it was started by young people who generally lean more progressive. 

Secondly, it is occurring at a college sports event. Many of these students took a risk participating in this chant. If the school faculty or their gender studies professor saw their face in these videos, they could be in hot water. It’s possibly a sign that Joe Biden’s recent failures are significant enough to embolden silent conservatives at college and possibly sway some moderates away from the left. 

For good measure, here is one more chant which occurred on September 12th at the University of Mississippi. 

Donald Trump during his entire presidency withstood being called a right-wing fascist, white supremacist, and pretty much any other vile thing in the book. However, Biden seems to be having a hard time dealing with this new slogan. 

Here Joe Biden is at the 9/11 memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. While his mumbling may be confusing, he seems to be articulating that those who died on 9/11 would be very upset to see “F&ck Joe Biden” signs.

It is odd for the President of the United States to assume 9/11 victims would support his presidency. Especially after he has allowed a terrorist organization to take control of a country of 38 million people.

Regardless, the slogan “F&ck Joe Biden” is increasing in popularity since being featured at college football games and it seems to be getting under the skin of the current president.

Similar chants of “f**k Joe Biden”are breaking out across the country at all kinds of sporting events. This chant broke out in New York City on September 13, led by protesters angered by the vaccine mandate.

The Twitter account Old Row Sports shared the anti-Biden chant video on September 25, during Notre Dame’s football game against the University of Wisconsin.

Donald Trump Jr said: “I imagine the chants will continue because, guess what, folks, it’s not getting any better until we say, ‘enough is enough.’

The president has seen his approval ratings tank in the wake of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, his flip flop on vaccine mandates, and how this administration is letting illegal unvaccinated immigrants pour across the southern border.

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