Enes Kanter Changes Last Name to ‘Freedom’ to Celebrate Becoming a U.S. Citizen

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The United States only becomes a stronger nation when freedom loving immigrants come to its shores. We earned another great patriot on Monday November 29th when NBA star Enes Kanter became a U.S. citizen. Kanter was born in Switzerland and raised in Turkey, but has shown great pride in his new U.S. citizenship by changing his name to “Enes Kanter Freedom”.

Since there are so many Americans who are disillusioned with the United States, it is up to newly immigrated citizens, like Kanter, to remind us why our nation is so special. In a statement to CNN, Kanter stated the following:

Here, in the US, there is freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of the press. I didn’t have any of those with Turkey.

Enes Kanter took to Twitter to post a video of his official Oath of Allegiance to the United States. In his tweet, Kanter calls America the “Greatest nation in the world”. This statement is obviously true but has become controversial due to leftist Marxist and critical race theory critiques.

Even before becoming a citizen, Kanter was using his platform in the NBA to speak out against infringements on liberty around the world. In October, Chinese media removed Boston Celtics games after Kanter railed against the authoritarian communist regime.

Kantar stated, “I say shame on the Chinese government, the Chinese dictatorship is erasing Tibetan identity and culture”. You can see Kanter’s full statement on Tibet here:

Enes Kantar Freedom’s criticism of authoritarianism and those that support it in the U.S. has only continued to increase.

On November 18th, he directed a tweet at Nike and Lebron James for their ties to China’s communist regime:

Kantar in the above tweet shows disdain for how star athletes, like Lebron James, virtue signal over supposed injustices in the United States while willingly turning a blind eye to the human rights violations committed by those who pay them. In an interview with ESPN, Kantar directed his criticism directly at Lebron James:

“Sure, I’d love to sit down and talk to him… I don’t know if he’s educated enough, but I’m here to educate him and I’m here to help him, because it’s not about money. It’s about morals, principles and values. It’s about what you stand for. There are way bigger things than money.”

All freedom loving patriots should welcome Enes Kantar Freedom with open arms. Through his words and actions, he has fully embodied the values of liberty that undergird our society.

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