In case of a global pandemic, unconstitutional lockdowns, and mandates, burning cities, out-of-control crime, half the country being labeled terrorists or extremists for having differing views than the democrats, soaring inflation, a massive hurricane, and the pending winter with astronomical heating oil prices are not enough to keep things interesting, Vladimir Putin has tossed the potential for nuclear war in the mix.

Because why not.

This country and this world seem to be spinning so far off the orbit of normalcy and sanity that it feels like a choice between laughing or crying as we overcome one outrageous plot twist after another. 

But as funny as the memes can be, Putin’s threat is not being laughed off.

In fact, Western leaders are taking him seriously, and intelligence agencies are stepping up their efforts to stay in front of the Russian president’s desperation to extend his kingdom at all costs. 

A Politico article cited five current and former U.S. officials as reporting the escalation of intelligence efforts by the United States and its allies, while also noting that these efforts may not be successful in providing forewarning of a nuclear attack.

The officials are noted as explaining that, as the majority of Russia’s aircraft and a substantial amount of its missile and rocket launchers are able to execute smaller, tactical nuclear bombs that don’t produce the large signals of the intercontinental missiles, we may not know until after the first bomb hits – should Putin follow through on his threat.

Meantime, the U.S. Embassy in Moscow is warning American citizens residing in Russia to leave immediately. It is also warning American citizens to avoid traveling to Russia. For those Americans currently in Russia, the Embassy is encouraging them to overcome the limited commercial flight options by using bus or train travel- whatever means necessary to get out of Russia immediately.

It is noted that their freedom to leave the country may at any time be limited or even revoked, should Putin clamp down.

This includes the potential for the dual citizenry to be ignored, with American citizens finding themselves in the same iron grip of Putin as full-fledged Russian citizens. America, the Embassy is a warning, will be very limited in its ability to intercede on their behalf.

All of this comes in the same week that fingers are pointing in several directions, in regard to the sabotaged Nord Stream pipelines.

Nord Stream Pipelines 1 and 2 are both located on the bed of the Baltic Sea. Their purpose is to pipe gas from Russia to Europe, and they have been used as bartering chips for power.

At least two consecutive explosions on the pipelines this week have not only created a new natural disaster, but new conspiracy theories about which government is responsible:

Did Russia sabotage its own pipelines: Did the United States do it? Did Britain? Or was it perhaps a NATO decision? 

Like most news, few of us will probably ever know the full truth or understand the full reasoning behind any of this. 

We will, instead, continually run the gauntlet of consequences continually coming at us, from the elite and powers that be who play chess with humanity.

So rather than focus on what we cannot control, we at the GREAT AMERICAN SYNDICATE focus on the solution we can be in our own lives, in our families, and in our communities, which will in turn create a ripple effect that fortifies our country to withstand whatever lunacy comes next. 

Barb Allen is a speaker, award-winning author, Gold Star Wife, and co-founder of the Great American Syndicate. Follow Barbara Allen on Instagram at @barballenspeaks

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