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On August 3rd, Ron DeSantis released his first TV ad for his Florida gubernatorial re-election campaign.

This political ad is unlike most others, in that it is not a hit piece designed to smear the opposition. Rather, it highlights Governor DeSantis’ contributions to the state of Florida through a series of thank you letters he has received in recent years. 

Spread throughout all of these thank you letters is a common theme: the value of freedom. Here are some excerpts from the letters read aloud in the ad:  

I’ve never written a political leader, but I’m writing to express my appreciation for keeping us Floridians free and thriving.

Without your leadership, we [our business] wouldn’t have been able to stay open.

I’m 11 years old, and I’m glad I could go to school.

This political ad was first featured on Fox News but will be targeted toward Floridians in the near future via a digital component. In addition to the digital component, DeSantis’ campaign is expected to make significant ad buys in the state to ensure the message primarily reaches Florida voters.  

In many ways, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become the leader of the conservative movement. 

While he was certainly respected before, the COVID-19 pandemic greatly elevated his political status as he took an alternative, freedom-friendly approach to dealing with the virus.  

DeSantis’ new political ad does a phenomenal job of highlighting his approach to COVID, and in doing so, shows his superiority over Democratic alternatives.  

When the COVID-19 pandemic spread to the United States, Democratic lawmakers pushed the perception that they were actively fighting back against the virus through a series of liberty-infringing policies. However, in many cases, their “solutions” only made matters worse. DeSantis took a much different approach and erred on the side of liberty. For this, he was attacked by the liberal mainstream media, with many pundits even calling him a killer or DeathSantis

Despite such harsh criticism, DeSantis’ approach was the correct one and took bravery to follow through. It is clear Florida approached COVID-19 in the correct way because they had similar death rates to blue states and avoided damaging their economy. New York had some of the strictest COVID regulations as they pursued mandatory masking and vaccinations, virtual schooling, and banned indoor dining. Even with such liberty infringing policies, New York had basically the same rate or transmission and mortality seen in Florida.  

Shortly after the ad was released, Governor DeSantis made the following statement in Fox News:  

They [Democratic Governors] are hemorrhaging people and their tax bases are getting narrower…People are bringing wealth and opportunities to Florida… It is a result of us having good policies and them [Democratic Governors] having bad policies.

DeSantis is expected to win his re-election campaign in Florida by a sizeable margin. In 2018, DeSantis only won by a margin of approximately 30,000 votes. However, Florida’s voting base has become more Republican since his first term in office as liberty-loving Americans have flooded the state to escape blue state COVID policies.

Dave Brown is the Co-Founder and a writer for The Great American Syndicate. Follow him on Instagram at @davebrownlive

The Great American Syndicate is for America’s Boldest Citizens. We love America and believe in America’s Core Values, personal freedom, the Constitution, and the American Dream. Believe the same? Become a member now and stand with us!

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