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Country star John Rich bypasses woke labels, releases song on Truth Social and soars to No. 1

As one “celebrity” after another pledges allegiance to Wokeness, and others choose their careers over their country, it has fallen to many of us without the cushion of fame or padded bank accounts to take the arrows –  to bear the burden of their lifestyle for them. 

It was beginning to become more than annoying.

So when the first batch of Patriots stuck their heads out from behind our shields, we welcomed them. It turned out some of them were with us all along. They were just being canceled, or quietly constructing a tactical pushback while others held the lines. Now they are becoming louder, and bolder, as one after another they outwit the Woke Giants largely dominating our media, corporations, and almost every institution in this country.

Country music star John Rich is the current hero in this story.

Yesterday, Rich dropped his new single. It soared straight up the iTunes song chart to the number one spot in the world. What’s so unusual about that, you ask? 

Well, not only is Rich’s song “Progress” a direct callout of the Woke progressives systematically destroying our country, but Rich is a standalone artist. He is not represented by anyone in the music industry. He is up against Titans, and he has joined the elite who make it to the top, anyway. 

Aaron Lewis endeared himself to patriotic Americans with his song, “I’m Not the Only One.” Lewiss is very vocal about his beliefs during his shows, even talking to his audience about their constitutional rights in between songs. Jimmy Levy and Hi-Rez represent another example of circumventing the Liberal system. Their songs like “Welcome to the Revolution” have become battle cries at global protests. 

Now John Rich, who has been doing his part to stand for America’s core values all along, has his own global success story.

In his video release, John speaks directly to the camera. Before his song plays, Rich comes right out and shares the thoughts and feelings he has in common with fed-up citizens of this country and the world itself. 

Conservative singer says experiment shows “you can beat the machine that’s been put in place to keep people like me shut down.”

Once upon a time we would never have called this defiant, or courageous in any manner. At least, not in America, where free speech is championed. But those days are fading into our rearview as censorship and a historic grab of freedom take place right in front of our eyes. A shocking number of Americans appear to celebrate this march to oppression, but more of us have had enough.

John Rich eloquently describes what so many of us feel:

We’ve been watching and living through the systematic destruction of our country.

In the name of progress we see our borders standing wide open.

In the name of their progress we see our children targeted.

In the name of progress we see crime coast to coast like we’ve never seen it before. 

In the name of progress we see people wanting to take our rights away, to defend ourselves and our families as we see fit.

Rich describes how “apoplectic” it feels to witness and experience this, “..like there is a constant swarm of bees in your face and you keep getting stung.”

He then goes on to demonstrate how we can each use our own gifts to do our part, in pushing back. For him, he sat down with some buddies of his – fellow Patriot songwriters, and wrote his new global hit “Progress.”

“I don’t expect many country music stations to be playing this song- but they should,” he says. 

We could not agree more. 

Barb Allen is a speaker, award-winning author, Gold Star Wife, and co-founder of the Great American Syndicate. Follow Barbara Allen on Instagram at @barballenspeaks

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