Chicago Businessman Gives away over $1 million in Gas to Local Residents

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dr willie wilson gas giveaway
Chicago businessman Willie Wilson doled out $200K in free gas fill-ups at select stations Thursday. (ABC 7)

Due to Biden’s domestic energy policy and the war between Russia and Ukraine, gas prices reached record highs, with some people having to pay upwards of $7 a gallon. With so many Americans struggling, Chicago businessman Dr. Willie Wilson has decided to give back through a gas giveaway of over a million dollars in free gas. 

Dr. Wilson owns a chain of McDonald’s and earned most of his fortune from founding Omar Medical Supplies. When a reporter asked Wilson why he began his million-dollar gas giveaway, he had the following to say: 

I am confident that with God’s help and wisdom, we will get through these tough times together. This is our second gas giveaway in one week. The need is great, and I want to help. If I can help somebody as I pass along this way, then my living is not in vain. The gas stations participating in the gas giveaway covers the entire city of Chicago and several communities in suburban Cook County.

Thirty days ago on March 24th, Dr. Wilson could be seen outside a partnered gas station personally pumping gas. Each local Chicago citizen that came to the gas giveaway received $50 in gas and a notepad from Dr. Wilson. 

This act of charity is even more admirable when you understand that this is Wilson's second gas giveaway.

On March 17th, Dr. Wilson provided Chicago and Cook County citizens with over $200K of free gas. 

While financially struggling residents greatly appreciated this, others became frustrated with the traffic issues it created.  

Thankfully, Dr. Wilson and Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications worked together so that his second million-dollar gas giveaway wouldn’t result in similar traffic issues. 

For the million-dollar giveaway, drivers abided by various rules, such as not to start lining up for gas until after 7 a.m. Traffic Control Aides and officers from the Chicago Police department were also deployed to participating gas stations to help direct traffic.

After the success of Wilson’s first $200k gas giveaway, gas station owners Khalil Abdullah and Amin Ibrahim decided to participate in the second giveaway. Together, the three businessmen provided Chicago residents with 50 different gas stations to get free gas from. 

Dr. Wilson has been a loyal Chicago citizen since the start of the pandemic and tried to help his fellow community members as much as possible.

At the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, he donated over 30 million face masks to South Suburban, West Suburban, and downstate communities. He also donated $1 million to help those who lost their jobs during the pandemic and an additional $1 million to help fund local churches. 

It is rare to hear such amazing stories of selflessness and loyalty to one’s community. Since these stories are rare, we should all greatly appreciate Dr. Wilson and everything he is doing to aid his fellow Chicago residents. 

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