Brave Honesty with Alex Weber

brave honesty with alex weber

In this episode, Alex Weber shares his insight on what it means to be brave in today’s world. He talks about the men’s community he’s running, and how we can all tap into our brave honesty.

Today’s guest is a world record holder, he’s among the youngest coaches ever to have been named US Lacrosse coach of the year,he’s an author and a speaker who has also both hosted and competed on American Ninja Warrior. Everything seemed to be going perfectly for Alex Weber until 2020 hit. 

alex weber speaking

Like so many people around the world, depression found its way to Alex in the midst of the lockdowns, and he struggled to find his way back. But when he did overcome that and get back out into his life, it was with a new awareness that he has an obligation to speak out in the name of freedom.

Here are some of the things we discussed with Alex Weber...

The reason we prevent ourselves from addressing tough issues

Alex’s rough year in 2020

What led Alex to enter the arena of political debates

What happened when Alex began speaking out

A humble brag of his

What it means to be brave

An update on his mom

Alex’s Men’s Group: Men We Admire


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