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Oh, the satire…

But seriously, remember all the moral outrage about mean tweets, some graphic comments, and the narcissistic displays from our 45th President? How the self-righteousness of once-seemingly sane people exploded into astoundingly hateful behavior?

Remember how so many of us thought it was a temporary deviation from civility and integrity- that surely, everyone would come to their senses and we could resume life as usual?

When parents never had to defend their parental rights to politicians, school boards, and unelected officials? When schools didn’t teach children to be ashamed of the color of their skin, or how to give and receive oral sex?

Remember when our president defended American borders and safety, when having a different opinion than your neighbor, boss, family, or talk show hosts was an inalienable right, and healthy debate was a thing? 

Remember when people kept their clothes on at the White House (at least in public)?

Those were the good old days, weren’t they?

This country has fallen so far off course in the past two years, it is becoming less likely that we ever fully recover. Our president is attempting to jail his political opponent, his congress twice impeached the same political opponent on false evidence, his own son is a criminal, and he himself is under investigation for a slew of crimes – including the same document possession he is currently prosecuting another man for! 

And yet, not only do he and his Party proceed with impunity, they actively degrade and deface the true pride of this country- the pride of true courage and sacrifice, of the men and women who bled and suffered to free us all from tyranny.

This week’s display at the White House, beginning with disrespecting our country’s flag and leading up to a topless scene that seemed more like a clip from MTV’s Spring Break reels than honoring anybody, especially at the White House- has to finally smack some sense into people still pretending they are backing a Party and president with any integrity at all. 

Trans activist Rose Montoya, along with at least one other person, whipped their tops off and laughingly caressed their own breasts – or the space their breasts used to be, as one person is a trans man who had a double mastectomy. Their beaming smiles said more than words.

Although the White House responded to backlash with a public statement denouncing this behavior, that these people were not immediately escorted off premises belies the sincerity of such statements.

What happened at the White House this week- what is happening across the country, has nothing more to do with respecting gay and trans people, than BLM does with advocating for Black people.

The LGBTQ movement is exploiting the very people it pretends to defend, just like BLM does. The result is orchestrated division and putting a target on the backs of innocent people – not to mention the disgusting sexualization of our youth. 

All the while, Conservatives are being branded as racists, transphobes, homophobes, traitors, killers, and worse – from the Party that founded the KKK, and cheers the act of dismembering and ripping infants from the womb. 

At what point is it enough? Will we ever recover from this administration? How many families will be torn apart by the divisiveness? How many livelihoods will be destroyed by idiotic “green” policies and health mandates? How many lives will be ended by drugs or criminals prancing through what used to be our borders? How many childhoods will be decimated by sexual grooming? 

When, if ever, will American citizens truly be free again?

Barb Allen is a speaker, award-winning author, Gold Star Wife, and co-founder of the Great American Syndicate. Follow Barbara Allen on Instagram at @barballenspeaks

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