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About Barbara

Co-Founder Of The Great American Syndicate, Podcast Host, Award Winning Author, Writer, And Resilience Coach

Barb Allen is all about resilience, patriotism, and the American Dream. She’s an author who has turned her own life’s tragedies and traumas into a best-selling book. She’s an expert at finding humor, blessings, and opportunity in both personal and professional adversities and she loves helping people  build their own American Dream. 

What’s Barb’s Story And How Does She Help

Adversity isn’t all the same and your Speakers shouldn’t be, either. So Barb brings as much unique humor, wit, and insight to her work, as her incredible story demands. Barb is the surviving spouse of Lt Louis Allen, who was murdered by a fellow soldier while in Iraq. She’s the mom of four boys. She’s triumphed over several different versions of her own unique hell, beginning in the seventh grade when she endured two years of harassment that caused her to be suicidal, to losing the first person who made her feel loved, to the traumatic murder trial and watching the man who admitted his guilt set free, to an abusive relationship and more. Basically, she’s every country song ever written – almost, anyway. Today Barb is an accomplished Speaker who’s shared the stage with the Greats, including Nick Vujicic and David Webb. Barb is featured in  books by Taya Kyle and Marie Cosgrove. She’s passionate about helping people overcome adversity, and giving back to the country she loves.

What Barb Talks About

Women's Empowerment | Conquering Grief’s Power | Train Your Pain | Parenting Through Pain | How Anyone Can Build Their American Dream | Beating Back Against Bullying | Building A National Network

Barbara Allen In Action

"Barbara Allen is a powerful and inspirational force"

- Marie Cosgrove

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