America’s Unofficial New Anthem By Oliver Anthony Enrages the Left

There’s only one true national anthem, and so shall it always be.

The other song- the divisive one sometimes performed at sporting events, which recognizes only one segment of Americans, doesn’t count.

But, if any other song is going to be hailed as a new anthem that includes Americans of all ancestry or signs of the alphabet, it is “Rich Men North of New Richmond,” by Oliver Anthony.

You’ve heard it by now- it’s even bumped Jason Aldean out of the number-one spot on the Billboards. But just as it resonates loudly with pretty much every American who is sick and tired of losing so much of our money to taxes, only to see those taxes being spent on everything and everyone but America and hard-working Americans, it triggers outrage by those who beg for government handouts and refuse to acknowledge the abuse of the system.  

Just as it strikes a chord with every loving human being who is mortified by the blatant abuse of children and how the elite have normalized this, it enrages the morally bankrupt who believe this abuse should be normalized- even celebrated, and who see nothing wrong with children getting upfront looks at drag queens spreading their legs on stages.

It’s fatphobic! It’s right-wing populist ideology! He even mentions Epstein! And talks about the alleged abuse of children on an island!

Those are just some of the comments from social media to far-left dishonest publications like Rolling Stone

You know- the same platforms that praise adolescent boys rapping on stage about murder, sex, and drugs. 

Here are some of the lyrics these people find so offensive: 

Lord, we got folks in the street, ain’t got nothing to eat/And the obese milking welfare,” …. “Well God, if you’re 5 foot 3 and you’re 300 pounds/Taxes ought not to pay for your bags of fudge rounds.

How outrageous, right?

And then there’s this: 

I wish politicians would look out for miners/And not just minors on an island somewhere.

One can almost feel the indignation from the Liberal Lunatics on the Far Left, and the hypocritically pious people on both sides, connected to Epstein’s island and the human trafficking industry, as a mere mortal has the audacity to call them out and millions of Americans are blasting it as loudly as we can. 

Oliver Anthony could never have known how this song would spread faster than a pandemic.

In fact, in a video he posted the day before he released the song, he said, “Lord willing it’s going to get some traffic.”

Oliver shares how he was once an “angry little agnostic punk.” He talks about his foray into drugs and alcohol, and how he discovered his faith in God.

Within days, the song swept through the nation and thrust Oliver into both a spotlight and crosshairs.

Oliver’s life changed overnight not because of luck, but because he had the courage and conviction to use his gifts in a way that speaks to the hearts of millions of Americans.

You can support and follow Oliver Anthony on Instagram here.

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