Americans Want To Know Why Joe Biden Reportedly Sent Over 5 million Barrels Of US Reserve Oil Overseas


biden oil reserves

Enough already. 

I’ve watched you fumble and bumble and dismantle our country for long enough.

I’ve seen your party lead the way in destroying everything American. 

And today, as I see people choose between gas for their car or groceries for their family, I see you decided to send our limited resources overseas. 

I’m far from an expert in oil production.

So maybe one of my fine, wise friends can enlighten me on how exporting 5 million barrels of oil from our reserves helps the American people? 

Or continuing to leave our borders open? And handing out welcome packages of free phones, flights, and hotel rooms to the people entering illegally?

Or locking us down, fining us for opening up our businesses, and firing us for not rolling up our sleeves for your experimental juice, while not even bothering to check the status of the people pouring over our borders?

How does any of this serve the American people?

You remember us – the American people right? We are the people you were “elected” to serve. Yes that’s right – serve, not command. 

We are the people whose blood, sweat, and tears are funneled into taxes for local, state, and federal politicians to dole out as they see fit. 

We are the people who truly serve our communities: law enforcement, first responders, volunteers, Church leaders, farmers, blue-collar workers, teachers (the good ones, anyway), social workers, the military, and the list goes on.

We are the people who have had to endure watching our cities burn while Democrats cackled in righteousness and urged the criminals to stay in the streets as long as it took – as long as it took, for what, I’m not sure. 

We watched an attack on the White House itself, while the Democrats remained silent.

We’ve seen our law enforcement officers ambushed and executed, while politicians continue to insist every last one of them is racist and unnecessary for law and order. 

We’ve seen tragedies exploited as “evidence” of such.

We even watched in horror as criminals attempted to seal the doors to a police station shut and set it on fire with police officers inside

And there was no talk of an “Insurrection” then. There was no accountability for politicians and celebrities who continued to incite more violence with social media posts and live events. 

Not even for the “comedian” who held up a prop that looked like our president’s severed head. 

We’ve seen the Speaker of the House use information later proven to be inaccurate, as grounds to impeach a president.


We’ve seen this same Speaker channel even more taxpayer dollars into sowing even more division with this most recent farce; the hearings about a one-off event attended by hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors, in which a small percentage of them breached the Capital. 

We’ve seen her exploit that incident for her own political purposes.

We’ve followed the cases of Americans held in solitary confinement for over a year since then, with no trial, while repeat murderers, drug dealers, and other criminals are released hours after the arrest- assuming the police officers are allowed to arrest any of them anymore. 

Most recently we’ve seen our Supreme Court Justices harassed, threatened, maligned, and villainized for returning a power the federal government should never have had, to the States. 

Just like our Constitution spells out. 

We’ve seen the Senate majority leader threaten a Supreme Court Justice on live TV. 

We’ve been canceled, fired, and maligned ourselves, just for speaking out on these issues. 

We’ve been labeled domestic terrorists, Neo-Nazis, racists, Oppresionists, and all sorts of creative insults simply for daring to question a narrative or pushing back against a government and a media that seem to despise everything this country was built upon. 

For protecting our children, both in the womb and out.

It’s absolute lunacy.

Unless, of course, the goal really is to decimate Americans.

I can’t help but wonder exactly how much carnage must be wreaked? 

How far will this government, its corporate puppet masters, and its media minions turn on the American people?

And what will it take before those who still insist the Democrats in power are not morally bankrupt, and plenty of Republicans are not just as bad, recognize that they’ve been played.

Maybe these people are among those who want to see this country collapse entirely, and be absorbed into this Liberal World Order you speak of?

But those people do not represent America, Mr. President.

You have been given the keys to the kingdom, and you are burning it down. You may scorch some more earth before the tide turns, but turn it will. 

And when it does We, the People, will rebuild what you and our elected representatives have collectively destroyed. Because you’ve all forgotten that America does not exist for the elite to bleed dry. It exists because of the people who are willing to bleed to defend it. It exists so that all Americans may build their own American Dreams. 

You’ve turned that dream into a nightmare for too long. But America is waking up

Barb Allen is a speaker, award-winning author, Gold Star Wife, and co-founder of the Great American Syndicate. Follow Barbara Allen on Instagram at @barballenspeaks

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