American Privilege with Alma Ohena-Apare

Alma Ohena-Apare was born and raised in Accra, the capital of  Ghana. He remembers the stories his mom told of her year in New York, as an exchange student. He remembers how exciting life sounded there, and how crazy it seemed that people did things like add milk to soup. Those stories ignited a spark in the young boy. When his father returned from a business trip and shared stories of places like SeaWorld, that spark erupted into a burning desire to experience America, himself. 

Alma Ohena-Apare had dreams that were bigger than Ghana. 

As much as he loves his family and his homeland, Alma was not content living his life in a place where his dreams have limits.

He jumped at the opportunity to participate in a ministry trip to Los Angeles. Once in LA, Alamo didn’t let slamming doors get him down. Instead, he changed his tactic and threw himself into the conversations he had with the residents of Los Angeles, as he spoke about God. 

Alma Ohena-Apare american privilege

Eighteen years later, Alma’s dream came true and he became a proud citizen of the United States

Today, Alma is a husband and father of four. A video he posted about current events has evolved into a platform from which Alma spreads his messages of faith and positivity. You can connect with him on his Instagram page, where he will be sharing his special announcements in addition to his insight on patriotism and reconnecting Americans. 

In this episode, Alma talks about why it is a privilege to be an American, his long path to citizenship, his insight on current events, and his plans moving forward.

Here are some of the things we discussed with Alma Ohena-Apare...

Alma's path to America

What do dolphins have to do with Alma's dreams to come to America?

His siblings experiences with America

The steps to become an American citizen

Alma's thoughts on the wave of illegal immigrants entering this country

What is American privilege

His hopes for our next president

Removing malice from arguments

What he carries forth from his missionary work, as he works today towards restoring American unity


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Alma Ohena-Apare american privilege
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