Amazon’s Charity Platform Drops Black Lives Matter over Shady Financial Record

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amazon removes blm
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Amazon's charity platform, AmazonSmile, has suspended the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation for refusing to disclose its financial records.

BLM officials have been under fire lately for various financial scandals, namely, a missing donation of $65 million. 

Amazon released the following press release on why BLM was removed from AmazonSmile: 

Among other eligibility requirements, organizations are required to be in good standing in their state of incorporation and in the states and territories where they are authorized to do business.

As of now, BLM is not in “good standing” in their homes state of California. In fact, California’s AG has labeled the organization as “delinquent” on finances. 

California attorney general Rob Bonta is investigating the issue and has found no financial records to track the $66.5 million donations BLM received from Thousand Currents. Thousand Currents is an organization that funds grassroots campaigns with a mission of “moving money to the frontlines of social change.” 

Due to BLM’s shading dealings, multiple states have revoked BLM’s ability to collect donations within their jurisdictions. California’s state Department of Justice has warned BML officials that they could be labeled “personally liable” for any delinquencies uncovered surrounding missing donations. 

AG Rob Bonta’s letter of delinquency to BLM stated: 

The organization BLACK LIVES MATTER GLOBAL NETWORK FOUNDATION, INC. is delinquent with The Registry of Charitable Trusts for failing to submit required annual report(s).

If BLM does not file these missing reports within a 60-day deadline, they will lose their tax-exempt status and receive late fees for every additional month their finances are not reported. 

This recent financial scandal seems to be a culmination of BLM’s questionable history. 

In May of 2021, BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors resigned amid a controversy alleging that she used donation money to fund a $3.2 million “real estate buying spree” in which she purchased four high-end homes in the U.S. 

To make matters even more suspicious, BLM’s current financial situation is being handled by Marc Elias, the Clinton campaign official who paid for the Steele dossier. Elias law firm claims in BLM’s tax documents that the group received no donations or gave out any grants during 2020. The Washington Examiner describes this tactic as an accounting gimmick

This claim is blatantly untrue, seeing how BLM raised more than $66.5 million from Thousand Currents alone during that tax year. 

Amazon’s removal of BLM from their charity platform also comes in the wake of BLM putting up the $100,000 bail for an anti-Semitic assailant, Quintez Brown. Brown was an active member of his local BLM chapter and had connections to the Black Hebrew Israelites, a group that believes African Americans are the true descendants of the ancient Israelites, not the Jewish people. Brown shot at Jewish Louisville mayoral candidate Craig Greenberg in an attempted political assassination. 

BLM has had a questionable history since its inception, but its recent financial scandals may lead to its fall from public support. 

Dave Brown is the Co-Founder and a writer for The Great American Syndicate. Follow her on Instagram at @davebrownlive

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