All-In on the American Dream with Pat Hilton

All-In On The American Dream with Pat Hilton

Pat Hilton went all-in on his dream and persevered through years of struggle to build it. Today, Pat is stepping onto national stages with this country’s top entrepreneurs to share his entertaining talent

Pat Hilton is crazy.  At least, that’s what people said when he walked away from a lucrative career surrounded by celebrities to pursue a standout career he dreamed of. But what those people mistook for recklessness wasn’t recklessness at all – it was the certainty that life is meant to be lived fully.

It was the belief that a dream worth dreaming is a dream worth living, and it was the commitment to put in the sacrifice and work it takes to make it happen. And Pat made sure to pack plenty of fun in along the way.

Whether he was homeless sleeping on a friend’s couch, or in his van, Pat never let himself focus on the struggle with a negative mindset. He knew it was not always going to be that way. He knew if he believed in himself enough, and worked hard enough, and seized upon opportunities others did not, he would turn his dream into his reality.

He fell in love with someone who believed in him, too, and together they planned their future.

pat hilton dropping bombs
pat hilton grant cardone 10x

Pat Hilton worked harder and longer than others who did not want it badly enough.

He took chances others would not, and he wound up on stage at Grant Cardone’s 10X event. That moment opened doors for Pat just enough for him to shimmy his way through. He built relationships based on value he provides, and it became impossible for people to ignore Pat’s sheer will and spirit when he launched Acoustic Force Media.

In this episode, Pat shares his story of how he evolved from his teenage band, to the top of his profession, to being homeless, to building his own business that has top entrepreneurs and platforms calling him. 

If you are looking for someone to add that extra flair to your event, you want to know Pat Hilton. If you are someone searching for your own path to build your own dream, you want to hear Pat’s insight and learn from his experience. 

Here are some topics we discuss in this episode with Pat Hilton

Turning strengths into solutions

The decision to step away from a career surrounded by celebrities to follow his own dream

Persevering through homelessness and lack of support to all actions

Maximizing opportunities to connect and learn from high achievers

How adding fun to the job sets your apart

One game-changing lesson he learned to open up more opportunities

Big moves to break through barriers

Providing value based on expertise

Pivoting a career to adapt to COVID

Politics in the professional entertainment industry

Defending the American Dream

Empowering people to find their voice

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