The Great American Syndicate Story

Certain moments in time are pivotal in our lives: How we respond to them determines our life’s trajectory. Because we live in this big, beautiful country, we have the ability to use these moments as catalysts for what we feel called to do.

In our case, our pivotal moments served as the catalyst to create what is now the Great American Syndicate.

This is our story...

Barb Allen’s 42nd birthday fell on a steamy September day. It was so hot, the pavement burned her when she fell to her knees- but she was so broken and in so much pain already that she didn’t even notice. 

It was her tenth birthday since her husband, Lt Louis Allen, and his friend Captain Phillip Esposito were murdered by a fellow soldier in Iraq. The trauma and struggles attached to losing her husband, raising their four boys without him, being immersed in the military’s capital court-martial process, and watching the military set her husband’s killer free 3 ½ years after the murders had been far stronger than her resilience. For ten years she’d blundered her way through life, pulling her kids up with her on her highs, and down in her lows.

On that birthday, she’d just hung up on her ex-fiance’s collect call from rehab. He hadn’t called to apologize for years of trauma and emotional abuse, for taking all her money and leaving her at risk of losing her home or even to wish her a Happy Birthday. Instead, he’d called with more demands and insults. 

Barb was broken when she dropped to her knees and prayed. But she felt warmth and grace surrounding her at that moment, filling her with strength and certainty that she was about to turn her life around. She was a different woman when she got back to her feet.

It was only then, as she snapped out of her own fog and began paying attention to the world again, that she realized the divisiveness building in the country her husband died in service of. As she grew stronger, so did her concern for her country, as well as her drive to help restore patriotism.

It wasn’t until she met Dave Brown, and they fell in love, that Barb discovered how to bring her message and insight to others.

Dave had just reached a point in his own life, where he’d begin to rebuild. His divorce had sent him into his own hard years as he learned how to raise his two kids in his new life. Never particularly patriotic or dialed into what being an American truly meant, Dave only fully appreciated our country’s history and uniqueness when he fell in love with Barb. A successful entrepreneur who’d built his own real estate investment company and a national network with it, Dave knew exactly how to start working with Barb to become a driving force in American patriotism. 

Together they launched a podcast, American Snippets. Today they have evolved into the Great American Syndicate. Barb has published three books, been featured in others, and ghostwritten for clients. Dave has grown his real estate company while working tirelessly on the technical and marketing side of the Great American Syndicate. 

The podcast is now Flex Your Freedom, where Barb has interviewed hundreds of extraordinary American leaders, heroes, philanthropists, resilient people with incredible stories of strength, and others with the same kind of insight that helped her turn her own life around. 

Now, with their partner Anthony Russo, they have grown the Great American Syndicate into a national community for patriotic Americans driven by a sense of purpose, and an annual live event called the Great American Summit

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Meet Barb Allen

Barb Allen is an author, speaker, and Co-Founder of the Great American Syndicate. She hosts the popular Flex Your Freedom Podcast.

Barb is the widow of Lt Louis Allen, who was murdered by a fellow soldier while deployed to Iraq. The tragic loss made her keenly aware of the cost of our freedom. She struggled for years to find her footing and raise her four boys. It was in those years that extraordinary people stepped forward to inspire, encourage, mentor, and support her and her kids.

Barb has conducted over 200 interviews and has been featured on Fox News, The Today Show, Army Times, and in Taya Kyle’s book American Spirit. Barb is a powerful and poignant speaker on adversity and patriotism. She has shared the stage with Nick Vujicic, Jason Redman, Kent Clothier, Bedros Keuilian, David Webb, and others.

Barb Allen Is Grief’s Worst Enemy

After losing her husband in a tragedy that rocked the military, Barb struggled with finding her own will to live. Were it not for her love of her four children, she may not have accepted the help that came her way, and Grief may have claimed another victim. But instead, she began to realize her Will was mightier than she’d believed, and she began to turn the table on Grief.

Amply blessed with family and friends, Barbara’s world expanded further, and she developed a network that spanned the country. Not even her worst mistakes overpowered her greatest triumphs as she learned valuable lessons from her experiences, and enhanced her professional worth. Today she is an award-winning author and compelling keynote speaker. She is a respected Veterans Advocate who now counsels others through their own trying times.

Barbara is a firm believer in extracting value from experience, and using that value to create a life that is rich in beauty, no matter the odds. She is a fierce supporter of the military and all who serve to keep our communities and our country safe, and she is determined to do her part to be worthy of their service and sacrifice. She is passionate about helping Americans remember and reinforce the greatness that still lives within our citizens.

Barb Allen Gold Star Wife Fox News

Barbara has come a long way since she began to take her life back. She’s been crowned an Honorary Miss America and won a NYS Press Association award. Her work was honored with an award from the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA). She has been featured on Fox News, CNN, The Today Show, and recognized in the Military and Army Times. Her story ran in headlines across the country, and she can often be heard co-hosting the morning show on Thunder 102.1 radio station.

Barbara utilizes her platform to connect and surround herself with people who have their own extraordinary stories of overcoming adversity. She now blends their experiences with her own in her work, and she is proud to share these stories and lessons with her audience. People across the country relate to her story, her humor, and her struggles. She has become a powerful force against Grief and complacency, and embraces the opportunity to share her experience with others.

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Meet Dave Brown

Dave Brown is a successful real estate investor, business coach,  Co-Founder, and Chief Content Officer at American Snippets. Dave is a lifestyle entrepreneur who owns 3 successful companies. He has coached over 150 students and has done over 500 real estate deals. Dave loves America and believes in freedom, the American Dream, limited government, and capitalism. Dave credits his experiences with Barb for opening his eyes to the power of patriotism and strengthening his gratitude to all who serve. Dave and Barb are engaged and plan to celebrate their marriage in 2023.

Dave Brown Is A Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Dave’s purpose is to empower people who want true and lasting change in their lives. He loves helping people create freedom and pursue their passions so they can start living their own American Dream.

Dave Brown’s life’s trajectory changed when he lost his father at the young age of three. Notwithstanding the strong love of his mother, Dave couldn’t help but feel the void where his father should have been. 

Dave experienced painful setbacks before realizing his own potential, but more importantly, he found his WHY in that struggle; and that’s to be the father he never had.  The invaluable life lesson of valuing time over all else is the driving force behind Dave’s entrepreneurial path. 

As a successful entrepreneur, real estate investor, and owner of Sell Home Buyers and Veterans Investing. Dave has honed his skills as an internet marketer, coach, and content creator.  He is passionate about assisting others in obtaining their own success and over the last five years Dave has coached hundreds of experienced and novice entrepreneurs alike. 

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Dave has been successful in many ventures in his life and he understands and embraces the lesson that with one cannot achieve great success without failure. He’s fallen and failed harder than he sometimes thought he could recover from, but has never given up. Instead, he has taken the knowledge, insight, and experience from those failures and used them as powerful lessons for his biggest achievements.

As Dave has gotten older and wiser he realizes all the the things that happened in his life up to this very moment is by no means accidental.

He understands that there are no coincidences, and no such thing as luck. People who prepare, take action, and never give up make their own luck. You’re either preparing to succeed by taking action to always get better, or preparing to ponder what you missed out on by sitting on your butt and settling on where you are in life.

If you’re an entrepreneur, or want to become one, Dave has some great insights and experiences that can help you along your journey.

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Who We Are And What We Stand For...

The Great American Syndicate is wholly committed to preserving and standing up for America’s core values and constitutional rights. We are firm believers in the American Dream. We support our country’s military, law enforcement, first responder, and at-risk youth communities. We are all about connecting, collaborating, and conquering adversity with other patriotic Americans.

The Great American Syndicate is a membership-based community of patriotic Americans strengthening ourselves, our families, our communities, and our country together. It’s for America’s Boldest Citizens who understand that patriotism is our common bond and the foundation upon which we can all unite.

We Support Made In America

We are proud to spotlight and support American -owned businesses and American made products. Many of these companies will be offering Great American Syndicate Members exclusive discounts for their products, services, and goods.

A Donation Is Cool, But Membership Is Cooler

The benefits members receive when joining The Great American Syndicate outweigh any cost. In addition to nationwide discounts, as a Member, you will also be eligible to have your company, product, or service in the spotlight. You will immediately connect with Americans just like you- who want to support other Americans. Portions of the proceeds from membership dues and Great American Syndicate merchandise will be allocated to support our First Responders, Veterans, at-risk youth, and grassroots conservative causes.  Make a Donation.

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