Abby Johnson, Mom and Pro-Life Activist, on Motherhood and the Humanity Behind Abortion

We’ve long admired Abby Johnson for the courageous and authentic way she’s navigated her transition from leading one of the busiest Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics, to becoming one of the leading pro-life activists in this country.

Her newest book, Fierce Mercy, shines a spotlight on a side of the abortion industry not frequently considered by most of us; the humanity not only of the lives lost to abortion but the very people who staff those clinics. From the ways they wind up in that industry, to their struggles when they decide to follow Abby’s example and leave, abortion workers are also stepping forward to share their stories and advocate for life.

abby johnson

We shot this episode with Abby live, so members of our Great American Syndicate could watch it live with us. We love that Abby kept it real by sitting in her van while her kids were in a mall. And we didn’t edit out a glitch, because that’s real life and that’s part of adapting to fluid situations. So sit back and get ready to get to know a different side of the woman than you’ve seen on all the media interviews she does.

Here are some of the things we discussed with Abbey Johnson...

Abby's path to becoming a pro-life advocate

The humanity of abortion workers, and why compassion is needed for them

Abby's newest book, Fierce Mercy

The balance between parenting and work

The impact of her work, on her own life- Resources for pregnant women

Connect with abby johnson

abby johnson pro-life activist
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