Aaron Lewis Debuts New Song to Live Crowd and Sings “Let’s Go Brandon”

On December 4th, American musician Aaron Lewis surprised a West Virginia crowd at the Hollywood Casino with a brand new song titled “Let’s Go Fishin’.” 

Following Lewis’ successful career as the frontman for the rock group Staind, he has become an outspoken and patriotic solo country artist. Lewis’s latest song makes clear political references and addresses how average Americans are struggling with increased costs of living and a political system made to serve Democratic elites. 

“Let’s Go Fishin’” is a mellow country song addressing a nation undergoing economic and social distress while at the same time telling the listener to find an escape from the insanity of modern American life through fulfilling pastimes, like fishing.

While wearing a shirt that read “Refund the Police,” Aaron Lewis played “Let’s Go Fishin’” to the public for the first time. Here is the opening verse to the song: 

“Got to work two jobs, and rob a bank

To put food on the table, and gas in the tank

And everybody knows, who’s to blame, but I ain’t gonna worry about none of that sh*t today.

So Let’s Go Fishin’, Let’s Go Wishin’

On a star in the dark in the middle of the night the worlds gone crazy and the sh*t aint right.”

Through Lewis’ music, he is addressing the economic pain Americans are going through, the pain that the Biden administration refuses to acknowledge. Just a few months ago when inflation was at record high levels, President Biden factitiously claimed the following: 

“Since I took office, with your help, families are carrying less debt nationwide. They have more savings nationwide.”

It is not clear what data this leftwing propaganda is based in, seeing how, but the Federal Reserve reports household debt has increased by over $1.5 trillion since Biden entered office. 

Aaron Lewis knows who is to blame for these stark economic conditions and is not afraid to state it in his music with lines like this: 

“Let’s go Karen, Let’s go Brandon

Let’s go Fishin’, Let’s go Fishin’

Take a foot off the gas, this ain’t a NASCAR race, just kick it on back with a smile on your face.”

In case you were not aware, the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” became popularized when an NBC reporter mistakenly interpreted a crowd chanting “F@ck Joe Biden” to be chanting “Let’s Go, Brandon.” The slogan “Let’s Go, Brandon” has since become a conservative meme and slogan.

Aaron Lewis’ latest song “Let’s Go Fishin’” will be featured in his new album coming in January. 

Supporting great musicians and celebrities who are not afraid to speak out against the Democratic establishment is the only way conservatives can win the current culture war, so it’s important to support artists like Aaron Lewis.

Dave Brown is the Co-Founder and a writer for The Great American Syndicate. Follow him on Instagram at @davebrownlive

The Great American Syndicate is for America’s Boldest Citizens. We love America and believe in America’s Core Values, personal freedom, the Constitution, and the American Dream. Believe the same? Become a member now and stand with us!

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